Samsung LM301B

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Samsung LM301B

This LED made some splash 2 years ago because it offered 220 lm/W of CRI80 light. I see some BLF mentions but no dedicated thread. So I made one. Smile
To my best knowledge it’s not used in flashlights because it’s a mid power LED – it doesn’t produce much light.
But it seems interesting for efficiency oriented flooders (lanterns, mules).

  • CRI70-90
  • efficient, ~230 lm/W CRI70, 223 lm/W CRI80, about 200 lm/W CRI90
    • cold binned
    • the top bin of the most efficient CCT (in case of CRI80 that’s only 5000K, all others are less efficient)
      • I don’t understand whether these are bin-orderable or not
    • with lower current efficiency improves further!
  • good thermal resistance for the format (7.5 K/W), may overdrive nicely
  • not very expensive (about 10 cents a piece in bulk), ~900 lm/$ (without overdriving)
  • non-standard solder footprint

So…the most efficient 3V CRI90 LED that I’ve seen so far. Smile


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Top bin small die LEDs will always have higher efficiency than big die LEDs (at the same current destiny mA/mm2) because it's statistically more probable to have die with smaller number of structure defects, and smaller number of defects means better efficiency.