[Review] Wuben E10 (1200 Lumens) Osram P9

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[Review] Wuben E10 (1200 Lumens) Osram P9

Wuben E10

Wuben calls the Wuben E10 a multifunction flashlight. Besides the battery configuration and its price, what else could be so special about the E10? It has the shape of a tactical flashlight, but it isn't! It's a EDC flashlight with a straight forward UI.

And what about the Osram P9 LED? Is it cool white, warm white, neutral? And does it really produce 1200 Lumens in Turbo and 1 lumen on Low? Let's find out


  • Wuben E10
  • Box
  • Spare O-rings
  • Pocket clip (already attached)


The Wuben E10 has pretty good dimensions for an all-round flashlight. Great for around the house, great for in the car, great for in your backpack. The E10 only has knurling on 2 parts of the flashlight, namely, on the tailcap and on the body. Both are pretty minimalistic, and don't necessarily help with grip.

Most of the body has no knurling, and fortunately there is some knurling on the tailcap, since it's pretty hard to unscrew. If this didn't have any knurling, it would have been pretty difficult to open!


Pocket clip

The pocket clip was already attached when I received the light. It's pretty stiff, and seems like make of ok quality. I pulled it a little to hard, and broke it! Oops



No problem!


Besides breaking the pocket clip I couldn't find anything wrong with the build quality. It does however look right on the money. The build quality doesn't look very cheap, nor does it look high-end. So you definitely get what you pay for. Anodization seems to be fine as well!

Wuben added glue (or thread locker) to the head, so it is impossible to open it by hand. 


The O-ring near the tailcap is pretty thick and stiff. Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be, but my other Wuben A21 flashlight had the same stiffness. It was very hard to remove. I guess this helps with the waterproofness! It had enough lube, and are square cut.


Although the manual nor the manufacturer's website mentions anything about tint/color, from my own observations this LED might be an NW. Wuben gives at least the name of the LED: Osram P9.

The LED is well centered in the plastic, smooth reflector. The bezel is glued, so I can't really look inside.



For an 18650 flashlight, the Wuben E10 is a little on the large side, but not too large. It actually has a pleasant size for what it's worth.

Length : 125.3mm / 4.93"
Width tailcap: 25.5mm / 0.99"

Weight empty: 76.6gr / 2.7 oz.
Weight incl. battery: 127gr / 4.48 oz.

From left to right: Astrolux FT01 (21700), Nitecore MG25gts (18650), Malkoff MDC bodyguard v2 (18650) Wuben E10 (18650), Panasonic 18650 battery.

The beam profile is good, without any strange artifacts. There is definitely a defined hotspot!

From left to right: Lumintop FW3A, Reylight Krystal Nichia 219C, Wuben E10 Osram P9



The Wuben e10 has a very simple User Interface. You don't need to learn anything special, unlike many other flashlights on the market with hidden modes. It's a simple click for on, and taps for mode changing.
It uses a reverse-clicky switch.

Low - Med - High - Turbo

The jump from Low to Medium is a little bit on the big side. I would have preferred a slightly smaller jump to about 30-50 lumens.

From OFF:

Single click: ON (mode memory)

From ON:

Single click: Off
Half clicks (taps): chaning mode
2 Quick taps: Strobe

Strobe mode: A quick double tap brings you into strobe mode. I prefer having a double tap for Turbo, since most other flashlight firmwares use it.


The Wuben E10 uses normal rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries. You can either use protected or unprotected batteries since it uses springs on both sides. It also accepts 2* CR123 (non-rechargeable) batteries. 


Wuben claims it to have 1200 Lumens on Turbo, and 1 Lumen on Low. Both numbers are quite interesting for this type of light. I tested the Wuben E10 in my intergrated sphere which was calibrated using a Convoy S2+ at 137 lumens.

Wuben E10 Mode My measurement Mfg
  Moon 0.97 Lumen 1
  Low 113 Lumens 100
  Med 452 Lumens 300
  High 1119 Lumens 1200

This means that the manufacturer's claims aren't exaggerated! Low is almost on par, and High is just a bit lower. This makes it an interesting flashlight for sure! The measurements were taking using a Samsung 30Q 18650 unprotected, flat top battery,


The runtime was taken using a pink Samsung 30Q 18650 High Amp battery, in Turbo.

Within 1.5 minutes the output dropped to about 57% (roughly 650 Lumens) which continued for about 95 minutes. From this point is starts to slowly drop, and at 100 minutes it is 45% (510 Lumens) and at 152 minutes I stopped the test. At this point it produced only 36 lumens. (3%)

Low voltage protection:

The E10 starts to flicker at a certain level, you can see the diagonal lin near the 90 minute mark, which indicates one of the blinks. The blinks are very short, so the app didn't detect them all.
The battery was at 2.64Volts, when I took it out. This is not really recommended, so be warned. Just remove the battery when it starts blinking. (only once in the X minutes)


Nope. At least I couldn't detect it by eye.


Throw measure at 5 meters indoors with a Samsung 30Q High Amp 18650 battery: 16500 cd.
The manufacturer claimed 11556cd, so I measured quite a higher number!



This time I did some white wall beamshots to compare tint and to show the beam. In the pictures below you can see that the E10 has a pretty distinct hotspot in the middle. This is because of the smooth reflector. From left to right: Lumintop FW3A (XP-L Hi 3D LED), Reylight Krystal (Nichia Hi Cri) and Wuben E10 (Osram P9). The beam of the E10 is a little on the cool side, but in the beamshots below you can see it's not too cool white!


Disclaimer: flashight was provided by Wuben for review.
More pictures can be seen at https://1lumen.com/18650-reviews/wuben-e10/



  1. Simple UI
  2. Affordable
  3. Great size (not too big, not too small)
  4. Works with protected and unprotected batteries, flat top and button tops


  1. Turbo activated by double click
  2. The output difference between Low and Medium is a bit big.
  3. Nothing special besides the Osram P9 LED
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Thanks for your review and interesting data ChibiM!
If you don’t mind I will link it on my review as I didn’t have means to confirm/test some of the things you did and that help to know more about this light!

The LVP was bugging me and you confirmed it is more suitable for CR123a batteries than 18650s.

Also, if I may ask, don’t you find the “next mode memory” and the times it takes to fix the last used mode a bit strange?

Thanks again for your review and data Wink

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Hey MascaratumB, 

I'm not sure if its more suitable for CR123 batteries.. but the manual mentioned them. 
The 18650 starts blinking after about 90 minutes. 

Same as what you found.. I forgot to add that. It has memory, but it needs about 5 seconds to set..  A little long in my opinion!
They should improve their UI!