Review: Sofirn SP31 V2.0 (2 Switches, XP-L Hi, 1x18650)

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Review: Sofirn SP31 V2.0 (2 Switches, XP-L Hi, 1x18650)

I received the Sofrin SP31 V2.0 from Sofirn for the review.

The SP31 is a 18650 powered flashlight. It has a Cool White XP-L Hi emitter and it is controlled by a mechanical switch at the tailcap and a electronic switch at the head.

The SP31 comes in this box.

The content of the box: the SP31 v2.0, the 18650 3000mah PCB Sofirn Battery, manual, micro USB cable and a battery charger.

The Sofirn SP31

Here in a medium sized hand, it measures 23×134 mm.

Here you can see the XP-L Hi emitter in the smooth reflector.

The glass has an AR coating.

The tailcap is U shaped and allows the light to tailstand, while you still have good access to the mechanical forward switch. There are holes for a lanyard or a keyring.

The threads are well built and anodised at both ends of the body, so physical lockout is possible, although you don’t have to worry about parasitic drain when the light is off given the mechanical switch. The contact point at the head is a spring so both flat and button top cells work fine in the SP31.

Here you can see the small cooling fins at the head, with the electronic switch. It has a LED under it, with the function of battery indicator.

Here you can see it glowing green

The SP31 comes with the clip already fitted on, it’s quite strong.

Click the mechanical forward switch at the tailcap to turn on and off the head. The forward switch allows for momentary activation.
Click the electronic switch at the head to scroll through the 5 modes: Eco – Low – Medium – High – Turbo, in loop.
Keep pressed the electronic switch for more then 1 second to activate Strobe. Do it again to activate SOS.
The SP31 v2.0 has memory mode for all normal modes, not for SOS or Strobe.
The LED at the electronic side glows green, red and then flashing red indicating the status of the battery.

Beamshots at 0.5 metrers from the wall

Output and Runtime

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
I like the XP-L Hi emitter on lights that have a small reflector, because I believe it helps a lot the throwing capability of the light. And by this I do not mean that makes lights like the SP31 v2.0 a thrower light, but a regular XP-L emitter would have had even lesser throw.
On my testing sample, all levels came short compared to the specs (even cleaning the contacts, and then using a different battery).
The 5 levels are still well spaced and the regulation is good at the tested levels. The advertised ATR, the system that regulates the output on turbo mode depending on the heat generated, is not present on my sample and even with the fan the stepdown happens around the 3’ mark, even upon reactivating the turbo mode. The UI is fine, although I would like to have direct access to highest and lowest modes.
I would like to see this light come with a sheath and a NW version.

Please note that I did not include any note on the provided charger because I do not have the knowledge needed to thoroughly test it. I am waiting to be able to un-brick my SKYRC MC3000 after a problematic firmware upgrade to add to the review the test of the battery.

Thanks to: AntoLed, Zampa, Won.

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