A few words about the n̶e̶w̶ AliExpress site overhaul, and more :-/

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Letting some more steam coming out of the boiler, I just submitted two new suggestions to the AliExpress team:


myself to AliExpress a few minutes ago wrote:

Part 1/2 of this report:

Why is the website less functional than it was a year ago in many aspects? You can no longer use the “sort by” function, and there are many other things which don't work correctly. I have submitted other related reports, you know it.

AliExpress was better with the old website software, which you DOWNGRADED during the first half of 2019, by the way.
Why are you DELIBERATELY BREAKING your website? I still love it, but you almost gave it its coup de grace or final blow.


Part 2/2 of this report:

I think and believe that the internet is a safe place to make business, and that websites are fine for this. YOU SHOULD TOO. TAKE NOTE.

Why are prices in the app a tiny bit lower than in the website?

Why are you INDIRECTLY LOBBYING people to use your !@#$ application? WHY?

Here's my verdict around this folks: YOU SUCK.




P.D.: How about 5000 characters to submit reports, instead of 500?

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