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I try very hard to stay away from Aliexpress a s a whole. I have had a whole litany of issues with them and never had a dispute go in my favor. I had several orders of Liitokala official store batteries sent that were clearly counterfeit and never have I had a dispute go in my favor even with overwhelming proof in support. Some items never arrived at all and was not refunded. Tracking numbers are a joke and very seldom track at all. On two occasions I was offered to return the item I bought but shipping from the US to China was far more than the item(s). They know that and that’s their plan.
At times, Aliexpress pricing is the best that can be found and then it becomes a gamble as to whether it’s worth the risk. Small value items (never batteries) is all I am willing to do even though I swore to never again do business with the site again. It’s unfortunate that their customer service and buyer guarantees are completely worthless.

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So many factors when buying online be it Bangbad, Gearbad, Alislow, Alimama, Fbay, Amazoom, etc…

You need to know which are the seller to buy from, what forwarder or shipping company they use, price, etc…

For eg, when choosing shipping, my first choice for Aliexpress is “Aliexpress Standard Shipping” when it is free with the product. This is the fastest shipping to my location. As fast as 8 days for my experience. Follow by China Air Registered Mail and Singpost 4PX Pro.

For product, the safest are those labelled or tag : Handle by Aliexpress. Still, sellers are more important.

Yes, someone mentioned it’s the courier seller use. Now from experience, they choose better courier. In a business, who doesn’t want to improve their service is just asking to be close down.

For eg, my latest buy from Aliexpress. I bought some Shockli 21700 battery. Theses are sensitive. Normally option for shipping will be “Seller’s Method”. This is the fastest for my experience. I received them 6 days after I click “PAY” on the button.

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Having just completed an 11-11 AX order which only took 10 days from start to finish (in this case, credit to RD tech), I’d reiterate that the best chance of success is ordering from a known, reputable seller, and choosing a reliable shipping method. Anything else, and you take your chances and invite the possibility of dealing with customer service. Which is not something you’d want with any of the Chinese marketplaces, and potentially worse when one acts as both the seller and fulfill-er, like BG and GB.

Tracking reliability can vary, but again, depends on the method. But I will cede that currently, AB’s own logistics/tracking service, Cainiao, is knackered, and seriously lagging behind. Usually, it’s pretty good.

But there are plenty of others to play that role, and for this order, 17track was on the ball.