[Review] - Lumintop IYP07 - AAA, Nichia 219CT NW High CRI - by Lock

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[Review] - Lumintop IYP07 - AAA, Nichia 219CT NW High CRI - by Lock

Today, with this short review, we will see Lumintop IYP07 : elegant flashlight in AAA format with maximum output of 130 lumens (in XP-G3 version) and 80 lumens (in Nichia 219CT NW High CRI version, seen in this review). The light was supplied by Lumintop. Here you can consult the website of the company and here you can find all the detailed information on the product.

Packaging and content
The Lumintop IYP07 arrives in a small rigid cardboard box with the logo, product design and information relating to the parent company printed on it. Inside the package, we find:
• The "Lumintop IYP07"
• White phosphorescent silicone diffuser
• 2x spare O-rings
• User manual

Main features
• Uses a Nichia 219CT NW LED or a CREE XP-G3 with over 50,000 hours duration
• Powered by primary AAA (1.5V alkaline) or rechargeable (Ni-MH 1.2V) batteries, with a maximum output of 130 lumens (XP-G3 version) or 80 lumens (Nichia 219CT NW High CRI version)
• Three different outputs: High, Mid, Low
• Efficient regulation circuit that keeps the output constant for a long time
• Maximum runtime 40 hours
• Maximum luminous intensity 553cd (47m)
• Dimensions 81.5 x 14.5mm
• Weight 18.5g
• Available in three different colors: black, silver and pink
• Lens with Orange Peel treatment (orange peel)
• Ultra-clear anti-scratch lens with anti-reflective coating
• O-ring g.i.t.d. around the reflector
• Body made of aircraft grade III aluminum
• Electronic Tail Switch in double stroke steel
• Memory mode function which, when turned on, recalls the previously used levels
• Stainless steel clip
• Waterproof according to the IP68 standard (2 meters)
• Impact resistance 1.5m

User Interface
The Lumintop IYP07 has 3 brightness levels:
Nichia 219CT NW High CRI version seen in this review)
High: 80lm (measured 76lm) – 30mins
Mid: 25lm (measured 25lm) – 4h
Low: 1lm (measured 1lm) – 40h

XP-G3 version
High: 130lm (measured 120lm) – 30mins
Mid: 40lm (measured 45lm) – 4h
Low: 5lm (measured 7lm) – 40h

Switching on and off
To turn the flashlight on or off, just click on the switch in the queue.

Selection of Output
When the light is on, partially press the switch to cycle the levels in order: Low - Mid - High.

The body and materials
The Lumintop IYP07 is a small and elegant flashlight in the AAA format. Looking closely, the one that immediately catches the eye are the two golden rings set inside the body, the belt clip and the stainless steel tail switch.

The flashlight looks really good, aesthetically beautiful, with a tapered line, you can feel the quality of the materials and the attention that Lumintop has reserved for this small model. Beautiful milling near the clip and the lettering that recalls the brand and model of the light

The IYP07 in my possession is equipped with a Neutral color LED: Nichia 219CT High CRI which offers good color rendering but alas an output at the high level of only 80 lumens. The parabola is in aluminum with an Orange Peel surface, the lens is thick and has the classic anti-reflective treatment.

Strange is the choice of Lumintop not to provide power even with lithium batteries: certainly we would have had substantially higher runtimes and higher outputs in terms of lumens.

The threads on the side of the tailcap are not anodized, while those on the head are, therefore it is possible to physically lock the interface by slightly unscrewing the body from the side of the head.
At the negative pole we have a small and soft spring, while at the positive pole a golden button.

The switch is made of metal, slightly protruding, very easy to identify and operate. Being large and flat, the light can also be used in a tailored fashion.

Bundled with the light also comes a steel belt clip of good thickness ...

.. and a soft phosphorescent rubber diffuser to be applied by pressure on the flashlight head

in the hand it is comfortable and holds well. The switch obviously, given the position, can be found in an instant and is easily activated

Beam, Tint and beamshot
The beam of the Lumintop IYP07 is a classic EDC beam, wide but with a fair shot. We have a wide spotlight, a crown and a bright and exploitable spill. The color in my model is neutral, I particularly like it, I find it quite relaxing.

Around the reflector there is a phosphorescent o-ring which remains slightly illuminated when the light is switched off.

A small soft silicone diffuser is also supplied to be installed on the head. Thanks to this the bundle becomes totally widespread without any kind of spot. The diffuser is also g.i.t.d (glow in the dark, phosphorescent) therefore, turning off the light, this will continue to shine green: a real treat!

Following some night beamshot ...

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Beamshot #6

Beamshot #7

Final Considerations
The Lumintop IYP07 is a flashlight of excellent quality. Very beautiful from the aesthetic point of view, it is impeccably realized. The body is totally smooth (a bit slippery), the perfect anodization and the smudge-free lettering.

I was lucky enough to receive the Nichia LED version: the color is neutral, uniform over the whole beam with a slight tendency to amber.

The interface is very simple, 3 modes available (High, Mid and Low) which can be selected thanks to the double-stroke electronic switch in the queue.

The phosphorescent white silicone diffuser is the icing on the cake. Once installed it allows to obtain a totally diffused beam and by turning off the light it will continue to shine remaining visible in the dark for several minutes.

I like that this flashlight can be used with AAA primary batteries easily available everywhere, but I would have preferred to have been able to use the lithium power supply.

The maximum output is only 80 lumens (in the Nichia version), had it been above 100lm I certainly wouldn't have minded XD.

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Thank you for the review, I like the flashlights that come with the diffuser. This seems much like the Tool AAA but a bit more elegant, would you say there are any other major differences?

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Haven’t posted in a while and this thread is old but oh well. Nice review. I recently bought the 2xAAA version on Amazon for $21, and promptly bought another one. The tint is so good on the Nichia LED it came with.