Meteor m43 runtimes

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Meteor m43 runtimes

I’d like to know what is the average runtime of the Meteor m43 with the SST-20 led. I want to buy it but I’m not sure that the runtime is great since it has 12 emitters. Won’t that drain the batteries faster?
Maybe someone with experience can share more info.


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Hi there.

I believe the M43 drives a specific current to the 12 leds, therefore runtime should not vary as a function of different leds. Having more leds producing a certain amount of light is more efficient than producing the same amount of light with less leds (of the same type).
So for runtimes you can google search for reviews, and those values should be the same if you have SST-20 leds.
I love my M43 very much!

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I believe Advanced Knife Bro (aka mhanlen ) did some runtime tests :

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When an LED is run at lower power, it is more efficient. Therefore, if you run 12 LEDs instead of 1, you will need to run each LED at much lower power to reach the same brightness of a light with just 1 LED.having 12 LEDs means the light will be substantially better on battery consumption all else equal.