[Positive Report] Store: OUTDOORMESSER.DE (Germany)

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[Positive Report] Store: OUTDOORMESSER.DE (Germany)

Last week I was searching for an Acebeam TK16, which I wanted to buy in the aluminium version, with Osram White Leds.

After searching several online stores and platforms (Amazon, Ebay, nitetorch.com, AliExpress and others), I found the store outdoormesser.de !

This is a German store with flashlights, paracord and lots of other EDC, knives and tools stuff! The prices seem to be very nice, specially for an European store.

There I found the Acebam TK16 in the best price I could probably get (49.90€) with the best shipping I could probably get (9.90€), excluding the “long boat” from China of course.

I ordered on the 24th July and received the package today (30th July), so it took 6 days. The package was sent through DHL with tracking number, of course! Payment was done through PayPal.

The seller quickly replied to my message(s) after buying the flashlight, which I consider to be a positive thing about the stores!!

Just wanted to leave this positive experience here for those that want to try the store Wink

And…that I have my new EDC light Love