Looking for V2 FW3A and D4V2 mcbcb.

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Looking for V2 FW3A and D4V2 mcbcb.

I would like to find one of each. Want to stick with a white board for the FW3A. It does not look to me like a normal quad noctigon will fit the D4V2.

Will these be avaliable?

EDC rotation:
KR4, SST-20 FA3 4000k (favorite!)
FW3A, Nichia 4000k sw40 r9080 (second favorite)
FW1A, LH351D 3500k (third favorite)
FW1A, XP-L Hi 3A
FW3A, LH351D 3500k
FW3A, SST20 FD2 4000k
FW3A, Cree XP-L Hi 5A3
Emisar D4V2, SST20 4000k
Emisar D4V2, brass E21A 3500k (night light of choice)