[Banggood x Freeme GAW] ASTROLUX EC01 21700 EDC Flashlight - Official ENDED

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I’m in
more different design’s!

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I’m In.
I think this light with a powerbank feature would be perfect for me.

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I’m in!

zoomie LEP flashlight would be killer

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I’m in
more compact flashlights

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I’m in.

I’d like a zoomie with different size of lenses, from small to big.

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I’m in! I’d love a single emitter, slim and compact 18650, tail e-switch, with Anduril. Basically a single emitter FW3A with a reflector Smile

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I’m in
Micro flashlight

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Count me in please!

I’d love to see a headlamp with the following specs:
- ultralight materials (~ 1oz)
- 3000k-4000k temperature (maybe the SST led)
- Single AA / 14500

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I’m in

A small 26650 Flashlight with XHP35

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I’m in
Tiny 18650 edc, like DQG

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I’m in
A large lights

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I would like a compact XHP 70.2 flashlight, driven be single 26650 / 21700 battery, Andruil, tail switch and if possible a tail magnet.

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I’m in. Would like to see a small AAA keychain light, high CRI with high only mode.

Got Lumens
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I'm in

I would be interested in seeing a compact 21700 version of this light


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I'm in. An Astrolux high quality work light with powerbank feature and Ramping (Andruil?) would be awsome.

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I’m in.
Astrolux could make a high CRI and high lumen bike light.

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I’m in!

This has been echoed before, but I’d also like to see more high-CRI headlamps on the market.

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I’m in.

LH351D high CRI (4-5000K – not greenish bin) option for the MF01 mini

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I’m in.

I’d like Astrolux to revive the A01 when it had a genuine high CRI Nichia led and the Manker driver.
Please keep adding USB rechargeable capability to your lights. It makes them much more accessible to a wider user base.

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I’m in
Budget type

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I’m in

- but please don’t include me for the giveaway (main reason is poor emitter choice for the flashlight gived away), I just want to share ideas for future Astrolux lights.

Astrolux flashlights to implement (not necessarily in order of importance) based on my suggestions:

1. Affordable LEP flashlight – 1×21700, neutral white phosphor with preferably decent CRI (>80)

2. High performance high CRI headlamp (“HL41”) – buck driver, ramping UI (Andúril), 3pcs of 3.5×3.5 mm emitters same CCT each (*1,*3 high CRI tints), replaceable TIR optics for beam customization (kit to be sold separately, suggestion: Yajiamei 20×12.8mm TIR lens for single emitter), 1×21700

3. 2×AA headlamp (“HL21”) – ramping UI (Andúril), single main emitter (*3 high CRI tints) with same TIR as above, lava auxiliary floodlight (under 2000K CCT, high red color rendering (R9) besides high CRI)

4. Single AA/14500 EDC flashlight (“A02”) – ramping UI (Andúril), single main emitter (*2,*3 high CRI tints) with same TIR as above, convenient keychain compatible tail (should be also able to stand on tail + optional diffuser is a nice addon)

5. Multi emitter thrower with big sized head (“MF06”) – ramping UI (Andúril), 5-9 pcs of 3.5×3.5 mm emitter (*1,*2,*3 high CRI tints), big reflectors each (only small or no overlappings of reflector cones), total head diameter ~ 12-15 cm (target is >300 kCd with high CRI), large fins (not only around the reflector, but also a bit towards the battery compartment)

6. Flashlight with really big TIR lens per emitter for better throw (1, 3 or 4 emitter, *1,*3 high CRI tints)

7. Flashlight with 3×18650 or 2×21700 (not round tube) – these form factors would be very sweet for any mid-performance flashlights.

8. Economy bike headlight with horizontal cutoff in the beam (only allowing minimal light above a line – **Bike headlight) – 2×14500 or 2×AA, single emitter, *2 high CRI tints

9. Power bike headlight with horizontal cutoff in the beam (only allowing minimal light above a line – **Bike headlight) – 2×18650 or 2×21700, double emitter, quick switchable ‘high beam’ for faster riding (illuminating farther on ground), *2 high CRI tints

*N high CRI tints:
- 90, but preferably 95 CRI
- CCT selection must be as following:
1) 3500K, 4500K, 5700K for Cree XHP35 HI (or any XHP)
2) 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K (or at least three of them) for Samsung LH351D
3) 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K (or at least two of them) for Luminus SST-20

**Bike headlight:
Making these bike headlights compliant to Germany standards (StVZO) is probably a very meticulous process (https://swhs.home.xs4all.nl/fiets/tests/verlichting_analyse/verkeersrege...), which may or may not be desired for the first product version, but at least, the beam shape should be well designed and tested for the used emitters.

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I’m in.
I would like to see some zoomie from Astrolux. Both powerful type and edc type.

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I'm in.

I would like to see 5700k  single 26650 light with a balance of flood and throw that also includes strong red blue and green leds as well as aux leds.

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Me in.

AO1 in AAA. AA.

Plus sized UP to fit 18650 and 26650 cells. With Side sw and tail Standing, magnetic base in them. NO internal charging.

It’s one of the nicest body shapes on any torch I reckon.
and with larger body size/shape, a nice torch to grip too.

An updated copy of the old Sky Ray S-R5
In a 26650 casing with P60 dropins.
Side sw maybe.
NO internal charging.

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I’m in.

Would like to see a multi emitter version of the FT03 in NW.

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I’m in.
I would like to see an Astrolux AA flashlight with high CRI and a lighted switch.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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I’m in!

Id like to see Astrolux make a FT03 using a CSLPM1-TG LED for mad throw on the stock size MCPCB.

That would be good cheap throw for all Big Smile

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I’m in. I would like to see an astrolux headlamp in black and blue colors.

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Sign me up. I would also love to see a 14500 light with Anduril.

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I’m in.

I’m also interested in a quality 14500/AA right angle headlamp with a good efficiency and a floody high cri emitter.