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virencelights wrote:
is this just for charging phones or anything with USB ?
can I charge 18650’s , and carry the PB2 with me

Just about anything should work.

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Finally got a new phone for my wife and I, S10+ and love them. The PB2S charges them at 9 volts and 1.4 amps. The Samsung charger works well with the PB2S also.

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A caution — I just made my annual check through batteries and power supplies, and found the XTAR PB2S 21700 batteries (bought with the device) completely dead. My various other power supplies seem to have held most of their charge for a year.

I would guess there’s no low voltage protection on the PB2S, and it must use a little power all the time watching for someone to insert a demanding device or press the button to wake up the PB2S.

Could be the batteries just didn’t hold the charge that long, rather than got drained. I’ll store them outside of the device starting now, and will check back next year.

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The S is the rubberised one, and the C is the hard plastic one?

My S seems fine, at least I didn’t keep cells in it long enough to discharge, but when I was set to review the C, it drained 2 cells down to almost nothing after something like a week or so. I charged them back up, but after a few rounds couldn’t really figure if it was the cells or the charger or both that were acting up.

I generally don’t use those as “powerbanks” so much as small convenient chargers that I can take back’n‘forth to work back in the day, etc.

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Lightbringer wrote:
The S is the rubberised one, and the C is the hard plastic one?

The PB2S is the larger, fancier successor to the original PB2 that can take 21700s, with a more detailed display, and supports USB-C/PD/QC.

The PB2C lacks the digital numeric display of the PB2, in favor of Picard’s “four lights,” but adds a USB-C port. Not sure about the coating, but in my experience with that kind of thing, it gets ugly when it wears off, so hard plastic may actually be preferable.