[Review] Imalent DM70 ( 21700, XHP70.2, Red emitter) - Power and Output Regulation Graphs, Outdoor Beamshots

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[Review] Imalent DM70 ( 21700, XHP70.2, Red emitter) - Power and Output Regulation Graphs, Outdoor Beamshots

The flashlight was sent to me by Imalent for review.
Here's the product's link: Imalent DM70

The flashlight comes in a cardboard box.

The package includes the following accessories:
User manual, pocket clip, 2 x replacement o-rings, adjustable lanyard, microUSB charging cable

Additionally, there's also a nice nylon carrying pouch included.

The flashlight is seucred via a velcro strap, while the belt loop is detachable and also secured via velcro.


The DM70 comes with flat black anodization and follows a minimalist design.

It's fairly compact and its body and tail is covered by diamond shaped pattern.

It's operated by a side e-switch.
The switch is surrounded by a blue circle and is recessed, which I highly prefer.
There is also a couple of indicator LEDs into the switch which inform the used about the battery's status

Opposite to the switch, one finds the side red emitter, that's advertised as a night light.

Once powered on, the side emitter produces a very pleasant red light that's very easy on the eyes.
I have personally been using it for moving around the house, as it doesn't hurt my eyes while being sleepy Big Smile

The head houses the XHP70.2 emitter and an orange peel reflector.
The glass is AR coated.

The bezel is minimal, with a few little crenulations.

The tail is flat, which means that the flashlight can tailstand.
It has a metal plate, which is actually a strong magnet.

A thick copper / bronze spring is installed in the tail side.

On the other hand, the driver uses a brass tab as the positive contact in order to achieve maximal efficiency and increase overall power draw.

Both the head and tail threads are square cut and anodized, which allows the flashlight to get mechanically locked out.


The DM70 also comes with an Imalent branded 5000 21700 cell.

The cell features built-in charging and is button top.


User Interface

Here's all the supported action from the flashlight's firmware

Turn on/off: Single press
Mode cycle: Long press (Low > Medium Low > Medium > High)
Turbo: Double press 
Red emitter turn on: Triple press
Red emitter turn off: Single press
Indicator LED enable: 5 second long press while off
Lock engage / disegage: Quadruple press
Strobe: Double press from Turbo 


I took my measurements using the RD Tech DPS5020 PSU.
Here's the current draw of each power level along with the measured lumnes

I also measure the parasitic drain.
- Parasitic drain without indicator LED: 23μΑ
- Parasitic drain with indicator LED: 2.21mA

Output and Power Regulation

Here's the V/A Output regulation Graph

What we can see from the graph:

  • Turbo is fully regulated down to 3.3V
  • High is regulated down to 3.7V and later it steps down to Medium
  • Medium is regulated down to 3.5V, while it stops being accessible with less that 3.2V
  • Medium-Low and Low are fully regulated.
  • I think that's the first flashlight I have reviewed that can trigger Turbo down to 3.3V while maintaining regulation

And here's a thermal regulation graph.

What we can see in the graph:

  • Turbo is regulated for 2.5 minutes (the timeout changes depending on the flashlight's temperature).
  • Once the thermal threshold is reached, the output steps down to 1000 lumen.
  • The stepdown output is full sustainable.

Notice: I didn't run the test for the whole span of the battery's life (This isn't a runtime graph).
The 1000 lumen mode will last a lot more than the 27 minutes displayed in my graph.

Output beamshots

The beamshots came out kind of grainy due to having 100% humidity + 35C outside Big Smile

Tree at 30m

White house at 75m

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