Don't buy Manker -- they don't support their products

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zoulas wrote:
Hugh Johnson wrote:
Is Manker one of the brands that started life copying the designs or intellectual property of other brands?

Its a flashlight, how can you not copy the design at least to some degree.

I see no chinese companies offering 35/36v ECO SOL or Sunlike flashlight.

Don’t seem very innovative to me.
Ironically, American companies are even worse, riding on age old obsolete patents and strategies to appeal to our silly military like Surefire does. Both are bad. Although one will give you a guarantee, for what it’s worth.

I only like high CRI. Collection:

Fireflies NOV-MU 21 4500k E21A

Fireflies ROT66 219B SW45 D220

Fireflies E07 Copper 219B SW45k? (odd/higher lumen bin with lower r9 and higher cct?)

Fireflies E07 219B SW45k

Fireflies E07x Pro sst20 FA4 4000k 


Varmint removal:

Convoy M21A C8 ver SST20 4000k (5a)

Convoy S2+ SST20 4000k  FB4 (3200ma)



Emisar D18 660nm SST20 



CRI test dump