[WTB] 20mm12v LED single-cell driver, Pre-made GXB20 maybe?

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[WTB] 20mm12v LED single-cell driver, Pre-made GXB20 maybe?

I currently have a C8s with 20.8mm driver socket. I sanded down some 22mm driver and put it in, and insulated it with a nail polish. It initially worked quite decently.

However the driver has started to behave erratically. Sometimes the mode switching are not rotating in order, and sometimes the light keeps blinking constantly. I think this is not a good sign and it could mean there is a low key shorting that will eventually destroying the driver in the long run.

For the long term solution, I’m looking to find at least two 20.8mm drivers for my XHP70.2 and FC-40, both of which operate at 12v.

I will probably want the driver to push 2.0-2.5A at turbo mode since they should be able to handle 30w quite fine.

If possible, I prefer that the driver UI puts the strobing on the hidden mode. Having the moonlight mode should also be nice to have.

Update: By reading through the forums, I noticed that GXB20 exists. However, I don’t have the tools to make them myself. If someone would sell these to me.

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