DTP LED board design/prototyping

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DTP LED board design/prototyping

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve been online, good to be back.

I have some light bar projects that I have been developing and refining over the past year or so. The lights are built on CNC machined housings that use, IMO, the very best TIR optics available. Up until now, I have been using 20mm dtp pads, and then Maxtoch 32mm pads, wired in series and parallel depending on LED combinations. Powering the lights I have been using 500watt boost converters in combination with LED drivers, housed in relatively large machined aluminum o-ring sealed boxes.

Now comes the next step, to design/test LED boards to replace the DIY approach I have been on until now.

I am looking for someone on the forum that can design DTP driver/led boards. Monetary reimbursement will be paid in exchange for design services.

There are xhp-70, xhp-35-hi, xhp-50.2, and xpl-hi chips that are used in the lights.

Please let me know if you want to endever this, or know someone who can and will.

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