Maglite Dimensions Thread for modders

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Maglite Dimensions Thread for modders

Maglite Dimensions Thread for modders


I thought I would start a thread for Maglite dimensions in case someone wants to know if "X fits in Y"


All I have to start with is a 2D Incan and a 2AA Incan. ALL Measurements are in MM.


2D Incan: Overall Length with head screwed down     253mm


Tail cap

·         Length                                    23.6mm

·         OD                                          39.38mm

·         Spring Seat ID                      32.10mm

·         Small ID                                 28.84mm



·         OD                                         39.96mm

·         Length                                   213mm

·         ID                                           34.16mm              ID of the useable battery area

·         Depth to switch                    122mm          Depth from where the tail cap threads end, up to the switch (battery compartment depth)

·         Depth from top to switch     41.7mm         From the top of the body down to the switch (useable heat sink area)



·         Length With Bezel                 60mm

·         OD                                          34.16mm

·         ID at reflector seat                50.05mm

·         ID down to thread step         48.32mm

·         Depth from top to threads   18.75            Depth inside from top of head to threaded area



·         OD                                          52.25mm

·         Hole Size for bulb                 14mm

·         Depth to bulb hole                23.95mm       Depth from the top to the bulb hole, not counting the lower cam section at all.


Lens OD                                            52.2mm








2AA Maglite Overall Length                        146.2mm


Tail cap

·         Length                                               19.21mm

·         OD                                                      18.05mm

·         Spring seat ID                                   9.88mm

·         Minor ID                                             7.9mm



·         Length                                                120.6mm

·         OD                                                      18.00mm

·         ID                                                        14.5                ID of the useable battery area

·         Depth of Battery area                      120.0mm       This is measured with the bulb holder removed, so the depth is from the end of the tail cap threads all the way to the top lip of the body where the bulb holder would have been. Full inside length.

·         ID of top lip                                        10.44mm



·         Length With Bezel                            42.55mm

·         OD                                                      25.53mm

·         ID at reflector taper                          20.53        There is a taper right at the top of the head where the reflector sits and that is the measurement I am trying to give.

·         ID down to threads                           18.71mm

·         Depth to threads from top               11.15mm       Depth from the top of the head to the start of the threaded area inside the head.



·         OD                                                      22.0mm

·         Height                                                 21.17mm

·         ID of Bulb hole                                   3.3mm


Lens OD                                                        22.7mm



I am hoping this will prove useful if wanting to mod a Maglite. I know I don’t remember the dimensions and I have to either guess at it or go buy one just to measure it.


I am also hoping that some others will get in here and add dimensions to the newer LED Maglites, or any I don’t have here. My budget does not allow for buying them unless they go on sale for a low price and I happen to catch the sale.

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