AccuPower IQ338XL

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AccuPower IQ338XL

Hi folks,
As a long time owner of these chargers and having just received a new one, I have to point out something with them that has changed.

For reasons unknown, the manufacturer decided that the LCD display should now blink rapidly after charging is complete.
The one I have from several years ago does not do this.
The problem is that now it is VERY hard to read the final data on the battery such as Discharge and charge current, time to cycle, Battery Resistance etc.

The flashing is bright and so it is impossible to see the LCD display except when it’s lit.

I personally find this EXTREMELY annoying because after a charge cycle I want to see and read the data.
What were they thinking? You tell me.

If they had simply added a feature so that pressing a button stops the flashing it would have probably been ok….but there is no way to stop the flashing other than to remove the batteries.
Which also means the data goes away.

The old version didn’t do this. If you wanted the LCD on, you simply pressed a button and it would come on for 15 seconds then turn back off.

In order to read the new version’s LCD, I now must get a flashlight and hold it on the LCD the entire time to read the data.

To me this is a major step backwards. I’m even considering returning it it’s so bad.

If I keep it I can only hope they are smart enough to realize their mistake and issue a firmware update to stop that blinking.

Otherwise, it’s a decent charger and useful.


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