12V mini UPS -- Suggestions

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12V mini UPS -- Suggestions

I’m looking for battery backup for our home router (BT Home Hub) . The wall power supply is 12V 1.5A. I haven’t put a meter on the router but I doubt it uses the full 18W. It doesn’t even get warm.

Off the shelf or partial DIY are both ok.

I found this on Banggood. Does anyone have experience with this or something similar? I know there are some industrial 12V back-ups but they are well over $100 and don’t offer much run time.


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For more on the DIY side of things I use one of these small 12V UPS PSUs to run some low power radio gear:

Also worth mentioning is the MeanWell PSC-35A-C and PSC-60A-C (available at Mouser).

These modules are designed for chassis mount with the battery and power left as an exercise to the user.
The battery will be charged / maintained by this power supply when AC is available, and drained when AC is removed.

Got one mounted in an enclosure along with the following:

  • Binding post for 12V 1.5A output
  • Binding post for solar panel input
  • IEC inlet for UPS PSU AC input
  • LED battery panel meter
  • Solar charge controller
  • Two SLA 8Ah Batteries (one for solar charge, one for UPS charge)
  • DPDT rocker switch (A/B swaps battery terminals between solar controller and UPS)

The idea was that one battery could be charging via solar or kept as reserve, while the other drains into the UPS (if AC power fails).

Then flip the DPDT switch after a day or so to A/B swap the depleted battery to the charger, with the now solar re-charged battery ready to drain.

The extra battery and solar charging might be overkill and can be omitted.
I had a cheap solar controller laying around, and spare SLA batteries so this seemed like a worthwhile effort.

Weather can be a wildcard around here, and this setup has kept my scanner / WX radio going – haven’t had an outage long enough to deplete the first battery yet.