[Review] BLF LT1 wrapped battery sets

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[Review] BLF LT1 wrapped battery sets

Mods, not sure where to post this.  Please move if needed.

I requested two sets of 4 of the custom re-wraps offered by member amishbill  along with four of the silicone twin-cell holders.

They arrived quickly via USPS with tracking # that was not needed in this case.

The wraps are at least as good as factory wraps I've seen and better than some; the clear wrap is tight, nicely nicely concentric and well centered.  The underlying paper labels likewise are centered.

The label printing is crisp, with the image of the lantern lens & power button colors adding nice pops of color on the pure white labels.  The yellow of the lantern lens is somewhat washed out on the yellow labels but that's to be expected.  The white labels match the white silicone cell holders nicely and, the yellow labels almost exactly match the yellow silicone cell holders which was my desire.


Tech specs:

All specs are as reported by a Opus 3100 v2.2 charger.

All 8 cells arrived at ~3.5 volts.

Tested cell capacities in mAh:










Internal resistance in mΩ:

seven cells = 61 ~ 67mΩ

one cell = 71mΩ

As expected, these resistance specs varied with different tests but, these are a good average.


After resting for 48 hrs. from a full charge, all cells settled in the 4.155 - 4.157 volt range.


I'm satisfied with these cells both cosmetically & technically, and would recommend them and the seller, amishbill, without hesitation.



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Agreed. They are impressive looking and the A, B, C, D on each set means we do not have to label with permanent marker, which fades with time. Glad I purchased these, thanks Bill!

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I appreciate the positive reviews.

Thanks & Enjoy!

DIY LT1 battery wrap image. "PDF on Google Drive":https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IHIEOi1NXu868IYNCzIM7D2Ulpxchmww

Fresh Sanyo NCR18650GAs already wrapped "for sale HERE":http://budgetlightforum.com/node/69120 if you like.