[M4D deal] Nightwatch NI40 with Luminus SBT90 Gen2 interest list OPEN

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I got 2each now I need 1 more, when will be stock again?

D4, Armytek wizard pro,Lumitop EDC05,Maglite,S42,T27,FT03, FT03 90.2, NI40 90.2, XT12GT, FT03(Osram1mm2-4040),FW3A Cu

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neal says next week 

 all new deals are also posted here: deals.m4dm4x.com
if you do not find what you are looking for :

ask MARTIN@M4DM4X.COM - i will save you money!

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Any idea how the Nightwatch NI40 SBT90.2 compares to the AmuTorch XT45 SBT90.2? Beam distance? UI and thermal/runtime behavior?

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How much did the whole mod run you with shipping?

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NI40 runs longer given the thermal mass. I’d choose it over the XT45.

I had a k30gt and sold that too. The NI40 basically had the same performance but in a size that was easier to hold and put into a pocket. It’s a great light assuming it lasts.

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This morning I woke to find that these are now available to buy on Neal’s website again after a period of being sold out.

Just bought one. Hopefully they are available to ship now or very soon.