What's a Nice AA or 18650 Small Light?

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What's a Nice AA or 18650 Small Light?

Hey all.

I don’t have much of a collection, but I do like to pick up a new one every now and then. Right now I am looking for a small light with some power that I can use as a carry light or maybe leave it in the car should an emergency arise where a nice, bright light would be useful.

Right now I have one of the SK zoom lights that takes a single AA cell and an SK98 (I think) that a member graciously gifted me several months ago. It takes a single 18650 cell and it is a great light. I don’t know what he done to it, but it works great and I leave it on my nightstand.

I think I’d like something a bit better than those. I just watched a video on a Thrunite that was rechargeable and was magnetic. Said it was 1300 lumens or so. Looked to be about as big as a “D” battery and priced at $39.99. what’s the thoughts on this light? Is there better lights for the money that I should check out?

Any help you care to give will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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My favorite flashlight right now is the FW3A.

It's pretty compact, and I love the UI.

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BLF A6 is pretty difficult to beat IMO. 3 tints available and a 18350 tube also. Often on sale for less than $20. Nothing is glued so if modding is your thing your golden. Tailstands well and deep carry clip too. Star

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There is no smaller 18650 light than the DQG Tiny 18650. Zebralight SC64 runs a very very close 2nd.

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My EDC for quite a while (and probably for a long time to come) is an MH20. Great UI, built-in charging, 2-stage switch, nice deep-carry clip, blinks out the voltage, hella bright, nice ct/tint, barely bigger’n the 18650 it’s wrapped around, and fitty bux with coupon (ask around).

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