A SHORT/SUBJECTIVE REVIEW of Wuben LT35 Pro Zoomable Light

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A SHORT/SUBJECTIVE REVIEW of Wuben LT35 Pro Zoomable Light

Recently received a review flashlight from Wuben, the LT35 Pro Zoomable light.


  • LT35 Pro/2600mAh Wuben 18650 battery
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Lanyard
  • Spare O-rings
  • Manual (in 9 languages), and Warranty (1year for light, and battery)

Box states IP68 2 meter water immersion, for 1 hour (not tested)


Upon opening the package, I was impressed by the flashlight itself, and it’s accessories.
That it included a rechargeable battery, and charging port on the light meant it can conveniently be used right out of the box.

The port and the switch are both located on the tail cap, both protected by attached rubber caps.

With five lighting modes, they are

  • High 1200=> 700 Lumens. 4min, 1.7 hr
  • Medium. 570 Lumens. 4hr
  • Low. 140 Lumens. 16hr
  • Eco. 20 Lumens. 99hr
  • SOS. 200 Lumens

It weighs in at 6oz with battery

Like othe Zoomable lights, it is both a flooder and a throw light, with a moveable convex lens.

Unlike most zoomies this has a twist focus which requires the use of both hands.

In flood mode, and high setting, it lights up a fairly large radius of coverage adequately.

In throw mode, it IMO throws an impressive distance upon focus, into the trees in the far
Fields. Brightest @ 50 meters, up to 150m.

Here it is focused on a barn window.



I found the Wuben LT35 Pro Zoomable Flashlight to be a well designed Zoomable
Tool to be used around the house, barn, and on the outside.

It’s ability to be both a flood, and spot, light in one package is its major attraction for me.

That it has a chargeable port adds to the convenience, and its value. Battery included.

Unlike many of its rivals, the light at full focus is a round projection of photons, instead of the usual image of the rectangular emitter. Kudos.

Its ergonomics feels quite comfortable in handling it.


That it requires both hands to switch from Flood/Throw mode can pose a slight inconvenience, like walking your moose of a dog.


It would add value, and convenience to have a clip for the light

A carry case would be another convenience for EDC users

One other thought, if the focus could be thumb operable, it would eliminate the use of both hands.

Rather than a tail switch, it might be operationally easier to access the light modes
With a sideswitch.

As a final observation, the value of a product is a function of its quality plus
Its amenities such as a clip, or belt case over / its price point.

With slight adjustments of these variables, I would, budget minded as I am, buy
The Wuben LT35 Pro.

I would like to thank Wuben for giving me the opportunity to write a review
of the light.

Wuben IMHO has created some astounding products for the world marketplace (As exemplified by their impressive E05).

I would also like to thank BLF for allowing me to post the review.

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