Inland R22 1W LED Flashlight: Hit and Miss with low volt AA

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Inland R22 1W LED Flashlight: Hit and Miss with low volt AA

This post is primarily aimed at user Lightbringer, but if anyone else has something of value to contribute, by all means, please do so.

I have lots of AA batteries with low volts due to them no longer providing enough of a bright light in a lantern and strong enough air from a portable fan. I took both the voltage and mA readings for them and labeled them all. I am tired of having them around and began looking for items that would work great with low volt AA. I think for my purpose, flashlights and headlamps would be best, as I use those a lot in comparison to other items that I either don’t use or don’t have and have no need to get.

So, I have been reading for a while now about joule thief flashlights, but only see kits and never any ready made items. I also discovered that there are some flashlights that use up most of the battery in comparison to other flashlights, called vampire flashlights, though I am not sure if they also up-convert the voltage, as the light is dimmer than with a new battery.

Anyhow, I was happy to find this forum recommending vampire flashlights: (
AA Flashlights – “Cockroach” / “Vampire” / “Drain-me-till-I’m-empty”). One flashlight recommended there that is easily available for purchase and also not expensive at all and highly recommended by user Lightbringer on that forum and others is that of the Inland R22 1W LED Flashlight. I also saw one the responses on the site to a question about it said the following: “Get this: It will use a battery that is too dead for most other applications. Really.”. Therefore, this flashlight was definitely the one for me to get.

So, I ordered two of them from Micro Center. I ordered two to save on shipping, but I am glad I did, which you will see in a few minutes why. I was happy when I got them and immediately inserted a 1.16 volt AA battery into one and was very disappointed it would not turn on. It would only flicker. I then inserted a brand new battery, and it worked just fine. I then inserted the low volt battery into the other flashlight and was very happy when it lit up and the light was quite bright. So, I returned to the first flashlight to compare and see what was different. I noticed that the cover screws on in a rough manner vs the other one in which is screws on smoothly. I also noticed that for the head, the inner portions would rattle. So, I took off the head and spun around grey wheel inside until it was tight. Great, or so I thought. The low volt battery still would not work and the new battery now also would not work and I am unable to loosen that area that I tightened. Any idea how to do this? There are two little holes on opposite sides. Do I need a special type of screwdriver to insert in both these holes at the same time to turn the “wheel”? Also, with this “defective” flashlight, if I tightened the head until it can’t be tightened, even with the new battery it won’t turn on. I had to leave it a bit loose.

So, I called up Micro Center and told them one flashlight does not work. They decided to send me out a free replacement. I just got it today and was happy to try it out and once again disappointed that it would not work with a low volt battery. The same 1.16 volt battery is now at 1.11. It works just fine in the 1 of the 2 original flashlights. The flashlight I got today works just fine with a new battery and with batteries up to 1.23V (maybe 1.22V and 1.21V) and not with 1.2V and less (I have two at 1.2V and the flashlight did not work).

It’s the head that is the difference in all cases, because if I unscrew the low voltage working one and screw it on to the body of any of the other two, then the low volt battery works just fine. Why do you think this is? I thought one reason might be the depth of the inner portion of the head, but with the low volt working head, the word Midland is at different spots in all the bodies, but works in all of them. Could it be that they have different bulbs?

Don’t know if I should order more but when I do, tell them to test it with a low volt battery before sending it out to me, but I don’t know if they will go through that trouble.

I look forward to your thoughts Lightbringer and thank you in advance.

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That’s… odd.

The ones I have all will wring out practically every last electron in the cell.

Even the last time they had some promo (free flash-thingy or whatnot), I bought one of those Just Because. Worked like all the other ones, so I don’t think it’s old-vs-new design or anything.

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