Help picking out a new..... NEW light

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Help picking out a new..... NEW light

Hey everyone,

Well I have been really busy lately and havent had much time for the last couple months to keep my eyes out for new lights. (new as in just hit the market or newly discounted prices)

So over the last 2 months I have managed to break or loose all my lights but one el-cheap O with a plastic lens!! This really is a sad state!

So basically I'm looking for some new designs to replace the old ones. 18650's Below $25 would be nice, the last one I ordered was this havent got it yet and i'm Jones'in here! So if you can fill my life with some new lights to drool over it would be much appreciated Smile

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DQG AA has a group buy on at the moment (not 18650 but a nice light/ price).

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You might consider a keychain light.  You will always have it with you which is nice. And a 1xRCR123 light can rival any 2xAA light out there.

An itp A1 was my carry for quite a while using an RCR123, which you CAN CHARGE with an 18650 charger...all you need is a small spacer.  Nice for 20 bucks.

I upgraded to a Quark MiniX123 which uses an XM-L (40 bucks), but you might check out the I1 Olight too.

If you don't want 200+ lumens and are good with 100ish, consider a much lighter/skinnier 1xAAA keychain light.

Here is a review link of the new I1 compared to the A1:

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Had great luck and am impressed by any/all XM-L units, though there are certainly differences in output and color depending on where the manufacturers are buying them from or what they are spec'ing - the bin differences?

I like a newish Ultrafire 501b, that I swapped an underperforming SST-50 (huge disappointment) out of, like the size, feel and output, plus its not black!  Now an XM-L.

Also a Ultrafire C8, which has the XM-L in a big head, so throw is substantial and the light feels good to hold.  The 501 has nice throw and a mix of flood.

I paid about what your new unit is costing.   Both 18650 batteries.

Waiting to read about the new 5 driver XML, to see if thats worthwhile -meanwhile I drool over the thought of a SST-90.   Wondering if they can get the right amount of battery power without some modding.  Which I don't do.  Yet.

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I know you like messing with stuff so get a DX C10 kit, new KD 2.8A driver and an XML. Great little light and more fun than buying one all put together. Throw a hotrod CK in there and you are back in the game.

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