[Review] Olight Seeker 2 Review and Comparison (3000 Lumens, 21700, 3x Osram LED)

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[Review] Olight Seeker 2 Review and Comparison (3000 Lumens, 21700, 3x Osram LED)

Today I am taking a look at the Olight Seeker 2. Now a few months ago I looked at the Pro version of this light, the one I am looking at today is similar but has a few differences to it. If you have not seen that” review I will link to it”:https://liquidretro.net/2019/05/08/olight-seeker-2-pro-review-3200-lumen... and recommend you check it out as this is going to do a lot of comparisons and contrasts rather then a full review. Thanks to Skyben trading for sending this to me to take a look at.

YouTube version of this Review:

Packaging & Accessories
I will quickly touch on packaging. It’s on par with the Seeker 2 Pro, same white box with a nice photo of the light with lumen and throw specs up front. On the back you have a runtime chart and some details about the light.

Accessories with the Seeker 2 were less then the Seeker 2 Pro. You get the light itself, the same proprietary 5000mAh Olight 21700 battery (ORB-217C50), a standard Olight Lanyard with the helpful threading needle, and then a MCCA1 charger with the standard length cable. The Pro version of the light came with everything before and the L Dock, much longer charging cable, and a holster.

The construction of these two aluminum lights are very similar. Here are the major differences that I see.

The anodizing is different on the Seeker 2 Standard. Rather then being the hard slick finish that most aluminum lights are the Seeker 2 Standard uses a matt almost chalky anodizing. It’s very similar to what you find on Armytek lights. It marks up fairly easily but usually rubs or washes off pretty easily.

The Seeker 2 doesn’t have the molded silicone grips that the Seeker 2 Pro has. This isn’t a huge deal to me, at least with dry hands the different anodizing kind of makes up for it.

The front side switch is different between the two. On the Seeker 2 Standard the switch is more like recent Olights, it’s a more plasticy slicker feeling. It has a hole in the center for an LED for battery status indicator. The Seeker 2 Pro has nicer feeling rubber/silicon button as well as 4 LED’s on each side for battery power indicator and brightness status indicator. While these are really nice features I have no trouble with the standard button.

Size & Weight Comparison
Length of the Seeker 2 came in at 126mm vs the Pro’s 128mm. Diameters of the head were identical at 35.4mm, the body tube at 27mm. Both lights roll around very easily when on their sides

I was a little surprised at the weight difference between the two lights. The Seeker 2 Pro weight in with battery at 197g while the Seeker 2 standard came in at 186.5g.

LED | Beamshots | Heat
The Seeker 2 Standard is using a triple configuration of Osram LED instead of the Cree XP-L HD’s used Seeker 2 Pro. Olight doesn’t give us the model of Osram used in the light unfortunately according to official literature. Tint wise the Seeker 2 Standard has a tint that’s a bit whiter especially at lower power where as the Seeker 2 Pro is a little warmer/rosy tint. Beam pattern on the Seeker standard has a more defined hotspot and appears to be more focused.

Seeker 2 on the left

Seeker 2 tint

Seeker 2 on left, Seeker 2 on Right

Runtimes on the Seeker 2 are also longer due to the different LED. Total runtime was more then 250 minutes for the Seeker 2 Standard. Turbo seemed to last slightly longer as well. The Seeker standard ran in high for just past 100 minutes, very similar to the Pro, but then it saw 2 pretty major decreases in the next 50 minutes but then ran on low power that was useable for over that 250 minutes mark. The slight differences in output are not that noticeable and I will trade it for more runtime. LVP kicked in at 2.958V

Outputs are listed as the same for all modes except turbo with the differences being only 200 lumens.
Moonlight – 5 Lumens
Low – 50 Lumens
Medium 300 Lumens
High 1200 Lumens then 600
Turbo 3000 Lumens then 600

UI on the Seeker 2 Standard is is very similar to other Olights and the same as the Seeker 2 Pro, and that’s great because it’s a simple UI that I like. From off if you long press on the button the light comes on in moonlight, which on this light is a little bright for my liking. When the light is on it starts in low, and then you can hold the button and it will cycle from lowest to brightest, just stop on where you want to be. The light does have memory mode for low through high. For tubo just double click and for strobe just tipple click. The light also features a lockout mode and timer that’s available.

Recharging is pretty much the exact same as the Seeker 2 Pro. The Seeker 2 Standard is using Olights MCC1AL magnetic charging system.. observed maximum charging speed of .9A which resulted in a total overall charge time of 6.5 hours for the 5000mAh 21700 battery. This is a pretty slow, very conservative charging speed for such a large cell. Good for the overall lifespan of the cell if you can wait but Olight’s competitors lights that are using the same battery are generally charging at 2A which is plenty safe for this battery. The battery stopped charging at 4.135v.


  • More affordable without much sacrifice of features.
  • Increase in runtime and throw with the Osram LED
  • Relatively small sized light for a 21700 battery
  • Triple LED lights continue to go mainstream in 2019

*Con’s *

  • 1A charging is pretty slow on a 5000mAh battery. 2A is still under 1C charging speed for this battery and what this lights competition is all doing.
  • No Change in the magnet, it’s still relatively weak only really sufficient for charging or holding the light perfectly horizontal.
  • No official word on exactly which LED is being used here, just the manufacturer is given.

The Seeker 2 is extremely similar to it’s Twin brother the Seeker 2 Pro. The 200 lumens difference in peak performance on turbo isn’t significantly different to the eye. The other physical differences are fairly minor or not deal breakers for me.

Olights proprietary batteries like other manufactures branded cells tend to be pretty expensive and while I love the 21700 format, it’s proprietary nature and cost ends up being a negative for me. Luckily you should be able to use a standard button top 21700 and a small magnet if you want a less expensive second battery option and are ok with charging on an external charger.

Personally my recommendation would be to go with the standard Seeker 2 here, and save the roughly $30 difference. While I like the rubber grip and battery and power level indicators I don’t think those two things are significant enough to warrant the price, thus making the Seeker 2 the better overall buy. With that $30 you could easily buy another battery for the light. Overall the Seeker 2 is a pretty good light and a better value then the Seeker 2 Pro in my opinion.

Full Image Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/g1BXxQn

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I bought the Seeker 2 Pro orange version from the BF sale. It is an amazing light. Very well built and beam from the optic is very Olight like. The tint is actually really nice. 5700K is afternoon sun and the tint is slightly rosy making it one of the nicest Olight CW tint I’ve seen. These are the measurements I took with the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights.
Turbo: 3387 lumens, CCT 5742K, DUV -0.0021, CRI 70.6, R9 -17.2, R12 45.2, Rf 64, Rg 99
High Mode: 1169 lumens, 5518K, DUV 0.0004, CRI 70.6

I also bought the Seeker 2 (non pro) which uses the Osram emitters instead of XP-L HI. The hotspot is smaller and the output is slightly lower at 3060 lumens. However it is a good bit more CW and not as rosy. I didn’t take any photometric measurement before I gifted it but I’m pretty sure tint is about 6500K and DUV is surely positive side. The Seeker 2 Pro (XP-L HI) tint looks far more pleasing and natural.

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I also got the Orange Seeker 2 Pro and agree with your comments regarding the tint. It’s cool white, but not unpleaesant.
Also, it did include the L-Dock Thumbs Up
I believe this is my first orange light, and I really like it. I’m new to Olight, but I have purchased several of their lights in the last few weeks, mainly because they make so many models that are not boring black tubes.
This pic does not do them justice, but it’s very overcast right now so the lighting is not great.

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Nice collection. I got a bunch of Olights during their BF sale. I’m surprised you didn’t get the M2R Pro Warrior. That is their most beautiful light to date, especially the camo version. The beam from that optic is one of a kind despite the beam being a bit green.

I think Perun you got there has the best driver efficiency of any headlamp I’ve ever seen. The 500 lumen mode can “sustain” a whopping 4 hours. Even Zebralight’s best xhp50.2 is rated for 579 lumens for 3.1 hours but Zebralights always test much less than their specs and Olight test higher than spec. Though the Perun uses a CW emitter and not HI CRI. I didn’t buy the Perun because I don’t like CW headlamps.

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Olight has normal price only in US and only on promotion.
I am in Europe and I can tell you that, I will never by Olight flashlight because of their wired price policy.