D4S V1 o-ring problem?

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D4S V1 o-ring problem?

Has anyone had a problem with the o-ring on the tailcap sticking or swelling up on these lights?
The o-ring on mine is red.
I went to unscrew the tailcap to swap out the battery and it was really difficult to unscrew.
I cleaned the o-ring and threads and tailcap with alcohol and put some Superlube grease on them. It seemed to loosen up OK. About a week later I checked and the tailcap was almost impossible to remove. I cleaned it with alcohol again and put a few drops of Deoxit red on the o-ring. Same thing about a week later.

I went to a local hardware store and found a Lasco o-ring 1 1/16 o.d. by 1/16 thick, cleaned everything up and hit it with some Superlube grease. Now it seems almost too easy to where I don’t know if it is sealing correctly. I bought a couple different similar sized o-rings and will try them out to see if they feel like they will work better. From what I read Superlube has a good compatibility with silicone if thats what material the red o-rings are.

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