Looking for new Edc light

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Looking for new Edc light

I’ve had a dqg tiny 4th and recently a folomov 18650s which disappeared somewhere. What are some of the more pocketable lights these days with a neutral or warm tint? 18650 is a plus. Some throw and not all flood also good, pocket clip is a must have
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Convoy S2+ is a good cheap option that come highly recommended. I EDC an Astrolux S1/BLF A6 with 18350 tube for work; 18650 is just little too much.
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If you can find the thread here from EDCPlus, look for a Xeno E03 in NW or WW. With a 14500, they’re about as bright as a middlin’ 18650 light.

With a low-voltage AA (alkaleak, NiMH, Tenavolts, etc.), they have perfect mode-spacing yet aren’t as bright, but with a 14500, they’re hella bright on all levels. Depends what you want…

(Nomem, and M/L/H, so if that’s a dealkiller, stop here. I’m okay with it defaulting to M, and pretty much treat it as a 1-mode light.)


I’ve also got a MH20 that I religiously EDC, and even though people always piss’n‘moan how CW Nitecores are, mine seems to be nicely NW. Don’t recall an option for CW vs NW, so maybe I just won the tint/CT lottery, dunno.

Anyway, that’s got an awesome UI, and is barely bigger’n the 18650 that it’s wrapped around. Great deep-carry clip, too.

Oh, and get the MH20GT for Greater Throw, if that’s what you want. I like the plain ’20 as an all-arounder.

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Blf A6, 21 USD with samsung bat on banggood use code ac18 … get a few wizard pro clip from nkon for it for 3€

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At the level of pocketability close to DQG or Folomov 18650s there are only a few options.
FW3A with SST-20? Might be too floody for your liking but dedomed it should be better. Lumintop EDC18 is similar.
FW1A would be throwier but slightly larger.
Folomov EDC-C4 – I’m not sure what LED does it have stock.

Then some 14500 lights that I know little about.