Cheap emergency torch using CR123A

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Cheap emergency torch using CR123A

Please recommend a Cheap emergency torch using CR123A
(the reason i prefer cr123a is because of the low self discharge rate)

Most important is Runtime – Over 5 Hours
*Durable -IPX-8
*Battery: CR123A (don’t mind an 18650 which is compatible with 2 CR123A)
*Budget: $40 aud
*The Higher CRI the better
*Minimum 100 Lumens
*Prefer physical switch or twisty

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I don’t use CR123A myself, but I checked HKJ’s review of a Panasonic one:

and a single CR123A won’t do 100lm for 5 hours – it just doesn’t have the capacity. 3.5 to 4 hours would be more like it. Of course, you could carry an extra cell or two, which would also protect you from the risk that the light might be accidentally turned on while it was in your backpack.

For this specification, I would be using an 18650 cell, which would meet the runtime requirement with ease. It also has the advantage of being rechargeable. Unfortunately, the light would obviously be 50% longer.

A 2×AA light with lithium primary AAs (1.5V, about 2500mAh) in it would also just about meet your runtime requirement, at the price of being longer still.

If 18650s were acceptable, some 18650 lights are compatible with 2×CR123A, if that’s important. Someone else would need to recommend lights like that, though, because I have no experience of them.

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super cheap on aliexpress like $3

great, tiny size.


agree cr123a will not do 100 lumen x 5 hours

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Well my vote is for the Jetbeam Jet-II MK. Figured I’d recommend a well built light.

High – 510 Lumens – 45 Minutes
Medium – 100 Lumens – 1 Hour 30 Min.
Low – 5 Lumens – 15 Hours
Ultralow – 0.5 Lumens – 150 Hours

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Olight M1T Raider!
Uses both CR123a or RCR123a/16340!
Has 2 modes (5 lumens – runtime on CR123a = 100h, and 500>300 lumens – runtime on CR123a = 5min > 120min).
Reliable, sturdy, has tail switch with forward clicky switch that allows “momentary On” feature.

Is a “concentrated floody” light due to the optic it uses (does not have the traditional hotspot+spill).

Not sure if you can get the first version (low-high) but even the more recent (high-low) would be a great option!

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toddcshoe wrote:
Well my vote is for the Jetbeam Jet-II MK. Figured I’d recommend a well built light.

I was about recommending the same. No drain when off, no need for a lockout, simple UI, inexpensive.

Quality is fair. A retaining ring for the driver would have been nice, and the threads could have less play. But currently it is (modded) the light I take to work every morning.


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t ouellette

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You probably need to define “cheap” for this bunch.

Phlogiston pointed out that 1xCR123a won’t do 100 lm for 5 hours. Some CR123a lights will take the higher voltage RCR123a (16340). In my opinion, if you’re going to go rechargeable, you may as well step up to a 18650 light. Look at the Sofirn SC31b ($22 including battery, builtin charger) or the Convoy S2+ (separate charger, but a useful moonlight mode).

If weight is an overriding concern:

$14 Thorfire keychain light that does ~60 lumens for 2 hours (if I remember correctly).

Older $40 Fenix E16, 150 lumens for 2 hours, 30 lumens for 11 hours. Fenix are built tough. The E15 is similar, but I believe heavier.

Here’s a list of many 1xCR123a Flashlights, sorted by price.

More Photons!

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Have you looked at On The Road these lights are cheap reasonable and effective.
I have both the M3 and M3 pro, the icluded cell if you buy the complete package is quality as well