18650 compatible with 2 CR123A

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18650 compatible with 2 CR123A

Cheap emergency torch using CR123A

Hi Please recommend a Cheap emergency torch using CR123A

(the reason i prefer cr123a is because of the low self discharge rate)



  • Most important is Runtime – Over 4.5 Hours
  • Durable - eg. IPX-8
  • Battery: CR123A (don’t mind an 18650 which is compatible with 2 CR123A)
  • Budget: $40 aud
  • Flood
  • The Higher CRI the better
  • Minimum 100 Lumens
  • Prefer physical switch or twisty
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Sofirn sp31 v2

Just use a protected bat as theres no lvp

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For just a throw in your glove box light or in a drawer for emergencys that runs off cr123a’s or a 18650 and is cheap. I would probably suggest buying a few 501b’s or the 502b. Usually under $10. The design has been around for years. They use what is called a P60 drop in which you should find alot of different options.
Using 2 cr123a’s use to be a common thing but its starting to become hard to find in a flashlight. If you can mod a flashlight then it opens up a lot more options.
This appears to be KD’s P60 style 501b http://kaidomain.com/Led-Flashlights/KDLITKER-E6
In your price range for a quality light all I can think of is maybe a Nitecore EC20 or maybe something offered by Surefire