New 18650 Acceptable Manufacture Date

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New 18650 Acceptable Manufacture Date

Hey Guys,

I recently purchased 4 Samsung INR18650-35E (for my new LT1) that are not up to expected capacity. They were shipped in a charged state (~4V) and they have a date code of 2G25 which I calculate to be Feb 5, 2016. Is this a reasonable manufacture date for batteries bought in Nov 2019?

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Where did you buy it?

A shipping voltage of 4V either means they shipped at 4V, or stored at 4,2V(very stupid), and gradually self-discharged down to 4V, meaning degradation over 3 years is non negligible.

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New LiIon batteries need a few cycles to reach their full capacity.
If you didn’t do that, just test them a couple more times, often even the second test will be much higher.

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I got the same manufacturer date from battery bro.They are almost 4 years old. Unacceptable to sell batteries that old. They should be stored/shipped b/w 3.5v and 3.6v not ~4.0v. Age is the worst part.

I will not accept new batteries older than 14 months from Manufacturer code. I usually know the age of the batteries before I get them from my dealer. I ask him and he gives me the code.

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