WTB: triple LH351D MCPCB

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WTB: triple LH351D MCPCB

Anybody have some dog farts they wouldn’t mind reflowing onto a 20 mm triple MCPCB and mailing to me in the US? I haven’t had time to get into reflow yet, and snow is coming so I need some cooler hi CRI light. If you have a single LH351D on a 16 mm I’d be interested in that in addition.

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I’ve been meaning to get hold of some dog farts LH351D myself.

I have some non-dog farts but the output is puke green. Yuck! Sick

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Hi mate! I do have a single LH351D available in Dogfarts. However. I only have a 20mm single Copper dtpmpcb from convoy. How does $5 + Shipping sound to you? If you want it in 16mm, you’d have to shell out whatever a 16mm+ shipping from Mtnelectronics would cost.

Edit: Also, I’d suggest warmer color temperatures during the winter so there would be less glare from atmospheric reflection. There is a reason fog, and snow lights light sodium vapor lamps are really warm in color.

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