Review: Speras T1 (2х18650, Osram CSLPM1.TG)

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Review: Speras T1 (2х18650, Osram CSLPM1.TG)

There are many long-range flashlights for any need on the market now. There are old models, built on XML-2, there are newer ones with XPL-HI or XHP35. There are powerful searchlight models with the XHP70.2. And exceptions are extremely rare

Only 1 time i met the flashlight with the same LED as the one from this review, i mean Osram CSLPM1.TG. It os interesting to see if a relatively compact model from a newcomer to the lantern market is really able to reach promised 1300m? Lets` check.


Speras is a name barely known even here at BLF. And time will tell whether this situation will change or not.
official model page

you can buy Speras T1 at Banggood 





Package and appearance.


Manufacturer didn’t save money on package, it’s understandable - with a price tag of 120 bucks it would be strange if the manufacturer used something simple and\or cheap. Of course, there are no high design wonders here, but, most importantly, it all looks good, futuristic and perfectly fits as a gift.

In addition to the flashlight, the buyer receives a good holster, manual, a pair of 18650 batteries and o-rings. well, everything you need.



The flashlight has the form factor of usual 2x18650 long-thrower and there are absolutely no designer tricks here. Flashlight looks good, but no more than it can be seen that this is not some ordinary shitfire. A little work upon knurling could fix the situation. On the other hand, this would not have affected the functionality in any way, and the claimed throw figures outweigh any simplicity of appearance.



The dimensions are usual, again, flashlight does not stand out from the mass of other 2x18650 long-range lights.


Both springs: on the head and on the tail are double - good. The button itself is soft, with a deep and tangible click.


Unlike early batch, head is glued to body. 3 small rectangular threads are well lubricated, there is also a removable grip ring.



The knurling is peculiar. However, it is deep and really tenacious, which is the most important thing. Like almost all the other 2x18650 flashlights, this one is very convenient to hold due to good balance and relatively low weight.


The head is mid size. Definitely larger than almost any 1 battery throwers, but relatively overall size it looks small and proportionate. I repeat, here it is alike general series of models similar in type.

But what is relatively unusual here is the button. Firstly, it looks nice itself . There is a wide metal ring around it, and a specific, but definitely pleasant square coating. Well, there is a multi-colored indicator in the center as well. Perhaps this is the only unusual design element, and this unusualness turned out to be glorious.


blue> = 70% charge | orange 30% -70% | red 10% -30% | flashing red <10%

The cooling fins did not impress me; their presence is rather symbolic. On the other hand, they should be enough for such brightness.


The bezel is sealed, so you can’t get to the insides without a hot air gun. Underneath it - the glass with AR coating, a deep smooth reflector and the star of this review, the Osram CSLPM1.TG LED. Tiny thing, comparable in size to those that are used in keylights. But being installed in full scale flashlight with reflector that size, it gives a radically greater brightness, which allows for exceptional beam focusing (in the presence of suitable optics, of course).



That's all. Speras T1 looks good, but no more. As i cannot get inside, i can only judge, relying op appearanc, and here everything is fine so far.


simple. really simple
i`m surprised that they implemented access to the strobe through the tail button. dont remember seing anything like this.
tail button:
OFF / ON (half-)clicks. lights turns on in the last memorized mode
2x (half)click starts the strobe.
side button:
clicks switch modes: ECO> Low> Medium> High
2x click - strobe, another 2x click - SOS. By click, exit to the last normal mode.
Hold - turn off the flashlight, breathing mode starts, the indicator starts to sparkle in 7 different colors
by clicking, you can return to the last used mode

by hold from OFF - ECO mode
In general, it’s normal, but I would remove the access to the strobe from the tail, it’s better to leave the turbo there. Then there will be access to the strobe , and to turbo, and to ECO - to all the needed special modes.




How the Speras T1 shines

light distribution - 100% "piercer". Moreover, I would expect a similar combination of sidelight and a tiny hotspot from a flashlight with a significantly larger reflector size. The tiny size of the LED plays on the hand, allowing you to pull all the light from the periphery to the center. Light, alas, is only cold white.



It came as a surprise to me that thermoregulation worked even at such a relatively low brightness as 1200 lums. And here are two points:

1) it works really well - you can see brightness is higher with cooling, and after 4 minutes of turning off and cooling, also runtime also grew up.

2) Comparison with good high-current batteries shows that these 3400mah low-currents ones that Spears put, negate all ability of reaching max throw. Using them, brightness by 25% at the third turn-on, while VTC6 withstood at least 8 turns (3.9v voltage on battery after the 8th). I would immediately sell the complete ones, since the built-in USB-charging will allow you to get a good price for them, which will cover the cost of buying new high-current ones. the manufacturer screwed up with them, in short. Regardless of this, the batteries are good, I was surprised to see here 0.9A charging current.




Stabilization is full. there is nothing to complain about. 5 hours in MID mode is great, especially considering what it's capable of.



Well, the most interesting thing is how this flashlight shines. For comparison, I'll take the well-known C8 + XPl-HI.

 What can I say

Low 100lumen give light that can be used even at 175m distance, hot spot is clearly visible and quite bight. Of course, you have to move the beam, but everything is visible in hotpost, no worse than the radically higher brightness mode of other flashlights can make.

MID here seems the most reasonable mod for most situations. There will be enough throw up to something like of half a kilometer, while the rutime will be excellent.

High ... I can’t find fault. Excellent throw, good brightness. There is not the slightest sense of using this mode near than hundred of meters.

In general, judging by what i saw, this mode copes with the distance that the manufacturer states in specs. Although, no surprise, you shouldn`t wait for any usable brightness here. But it will be!














 Of course, in the video version of the review there are much more obvious examples of how this long-range flashlight shines.



Overall impressions

I`ve tested flashlights of this size and similar throw - Olight Javelot Pro for example. But it tool them to be twice as much bright to trespass kilometer threshold.

Speras engineers took a brave step and used the LED, which allowed, with a rather mediocre brightness, to REALLY shine at the promised distance. It is clear that the useful range will be significantly lower (which is true for any flashlight), I would rate it about 800m. But even this distance is far beyond what the naked eye is capable of seeing and thus, Speras T1 impressed me with throw. If if hadnt such experience of testing so much flashlights, that would`ve astonished me, really. Now i`m just seriously impressed. 


And where you can do without optics, Low \ MID with their many hours runtime will serve perfectly.

In general, there is something good to be said about the T1 - excellent throw, good gift potential, convenient UI, full stabilization and competent thermal regulation. overall - functionally, as a thrower that is nice model.


All this is good, but there are factors that can affect the popularity of the model.

The first two reasons -  flashlight will be of interest only to a specific audience.

a)  specific light distribution with a small sidelight is not for wide audienc. Though, choice here is not wide as well. So, with such throw and light distibution, plus the dimensions that allow T1 to be gun mounted + the ability to reach maximum brightness by shorthut can make it interesting for hunters. Or maybe not - my sort of hunting is, actually, stealing sweets from my kids stocks at night (i`m that bad, yeah), and i`m not not ready to judge.

b)  the price. 120 bucks for a newbe in flashlight market - uhh, this is very brave. In this price range, there are many good throwers (though with less throw, i must admit) from well-known brands and Speras T1 will be really hard to fight for the consumer, even having all these functional advantages.  fortunately BG gave nice discount code that make purchase really attractive


Third is a general remark, not about T1 itself. Originally, T1 included 2600mah batteries, the very minimum of capacity and price. Then the manufacturer decided to take a step forward users and put the 3400mah in expensive version , with a built-in charge plug. Again, desire to do the best turned sideways - Speras could put a pair of high-current batteries for the same price. That is THE ONLY way T1 will reveal all it`s potential, allowing you to run the turbo over and

over again at the same level and shine at crazy distances, that most of people wouldnt believe 1200 lumens flashlight can reach.


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