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Another new guy

Just another new guy here. I started off with a poor man’s Surefire G2 aka the Brinkman Maxfield LX. I graduated to actual Surefire and now am getting into more modern LEDs. I enjoy the outdoors and that has me enjoying decent lights for use in the woods and on the water. I’m still a poor man, so it’s mostly Olight. I’m hoping to get a BLF lantern soon. I hate that I missed out on the group buy, but that’s what I get for being an occasional lurker.

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Welcome aboard. Olight brought me down this path, but their continued venture towards proprietary cells will be their undoing for me. Take a look at Convoy offerings, as their $ to output is pleasing, along with customizing options.

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Welcome. One of my favorite lights in a Olight. Though Olight has taken a bit of a beating here lately with their proprietary cells.

Now break out the credit card, buy some lights and post some pictures. I like to live vicariously through others.

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Welcome to BLF new guy. You have stopped in at just about the right time. Black friday sales are coming up with Christmas shortly behind.
Hang on to your wallet, this place will be swarming with good deals in a next few days. Some sellers have already started.

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Make yourself at home, Usingmyrights!


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Welcome !

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i’d recommend FW3A or BLF A6
both great lights

blf is bigger but cheaper
fw3a has fancier UI but blf ui is good too


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Welcome! I also got my start with Olight. They have made some terrific lights with excellent aesthetics & designs. They’ve just been so slow on the emitter choice expansion. But also, I’ve come to find other brands excel in many similar ways. I’m also not keen on their deviation towards more proprietary battery use. A small key chain light can be understandable, but not for a primary.

There is a TON of choice out there. The Chinese are churning out new flashlights as if the length of night time has increased to overshadow the day time. It’s crazy. BLF does a great job of tamping down the noise. Lots of great reviews.

A tight budget helps restrain the urges to overbuy, but it can also lead one to buy cheap ones that may look good but have drawbacks. Take your time! As each year goes by, the value of your money keeps going up in terms of buying power with flashlights. And of course, there is also the used market too. A great quality flashlight doesn’t have much in the way of moving parts (switches or control rings), plus LED’s have amazing long life, so there’s not much to go wrong. Used flashlights can present some excellent value.