Accidentally transformed CW T6 to warm white

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Accidentally transformed CW T6 to warm white

Hehe, I dont know has anybody here done it. 

Well, I finally  received 2 Keygos Ke5 flashlights from ebay yesterday and me and my friend were making them direct drive. Hmm, we stumbled upon lot of problems because of the pill structure, to short wires, and difficulties when solderin "in a hole". 

First I made one direct drive, yesterday, and the light was signficantly, maybe 40-50% dimmer than with driver (dark driver, I think thats good driver for keygos KE5).

Because my friend is much better in soldering and electronics than me, he resoldered joints (is that the correct word?), on  the driver and on the on the LEd board, and also fitted brass ring behind the driver properly, so to make good conection, and soldered it also. 

Also, in,  fact we changed driver board, etc, but light is still significantly dimmer (we dont know what s the problem - he also heated the emmiter, so to say, ie, I dont know, I wasnt looking Big Smile , but he said that emmiter desoldering is not the problem - I thought it could be.)

SO, now I have one retarded Keyfgos, wwak light. 

But here's the storyabout the other one. This time my friend did the work from the beginning, and he made it direct drive, again we had lots of problems because improper tools, than he went to his garake and took a large gammer and something else too so anbd bank from behind the driver board and brass ring to make it fit. We came back in the room and the light was yellow, not very yellow but yellow, and it is strong enough, I think like before. So, probably its pretty crappy story but now I have one unique flashlight D Ill definitely keep formyself, because I doont like CW light, I buy it only because it throws better and because it is cheaper. And now I have one warm light or cool yellow (I dont know, Im partially colour blind as 40% of male population, adn I dont know this terminology very well). 


I dont know why its yellow, maybe we overheated the LED, LEd dome, LED dome looks little strange,like it is stained.

I can take a photo with my Panassonic Lumiix camera, (of hotspots on the wall) but it changes colour a little (to green side of spectrum) in this condition, so I dont know if it would be worth of effort. 

Now I tested them little more. The oone which is "full power" heats itself well, the other which is 50% power doesnt heats itself.

What do you think is the problem with one which is dimmer??? (and how to repair it?)


Also, I hacve problem with one switch on KE5. Sometimes it want turnitself off, and sometimes when I turn it off the emmiter just glows (like 15 lumens or so).

PPS: Also, do you think this flashlight will cook itself (cook the driver/emmiter) in prolonged use during hot, soummer time around 30 degrees C ?.