What was your best/favorite/coolest flashlight of 2019? Top 5 announced!

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What was your best/favorite/coolest flashlight of 2019? Top 5 announced!

The time of the year has come again.. What was your favorite of 2019?

Can be in any category. Multiple categories are also fine. 


Always fun to look back at past years' favorites as well.. 

so here you go: 

What were the most popular lights of 2018



What were the most populr lights of 2017



What were the most populr lights of 2016


What was your best flashlight of 2015


Best stock flashlight buy in 2014


Best modified flashlight buy in 2014


Best 3 of 2013


Best budget flashlights of 2012


Best budget light in category : value for money 2011


What’s the best flashlight, (for the money you paid) that you ever bought? 2010

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Final list: 

Mentions until Post: #106


Acebeam EC65: 1

Acebeam H40: 1

Acebeam K30GT: 11

Acebeam K75: 1

Acebeam TK16: 1

Acebeam X45II: 1

Acebeam X80: 1

Acebeam W30: 11

Armytek Wizard Pro: 1

Astrolux EC01: 1

Astrolux FT03: 11

Astrolux S41s: 1

BLF A6: 1

BLF LT1: 111111111

BLF SP36: 1

BLF Q8: 1

Convoy S2+: 111

Convoy S12: 1

CRX Rotary: 1


DQG Slim AA:

Emisar D4: 1

Emisar D4v2: 11111111111

Emisar D4sv2(vn): 1111111

Emisar D18: 1

Emisar M43: 1

Fireflies E07: 111

Fireflies PL47v2: 1

Imalent RT90TS: 11

Jaxman E3: 1

Jaxman Z1: 11

Jetbeam Jet II: 11

Lumintop BLF GT Mini: 1

Lumintop EDC18: 1

Lumintop Tool AAA: 11

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0: 1

Lumintop FW1A: 11

Lumintop FW3A/S: 11111111111111111111

Lux-RC FL33: 1

Mezzol X8R-L: 1

Mini Portable LED: 1

Nightwatch Ni40: 1

Nightwatch NSX3: 1

Noctigon K1: 11

Olight T20: 1

Olight S2RII copper: 1

Reylight Krystal: 1

Rofis R2: 1

Skilhunt M150: 1

Skilhunt M200s: 1

Skywolfeye B16: 1

Sofirn C01(s): 11111

Sofirn SC31b: 1

Sofirn SP36: 1

Surefire M6: 1

Wildtrail BLF D80v2: 1111

Wuben TO46R: 1

Wurkkos WK30: 111

Zanflare T1:1

Zebralight H60Fc: 1

Zebralight SC52: 1

Zebralight SC64w: 1

Zebralight SC600Fd IV plus: 1

Zebralight SC700d: 1


5 Most popular lights of 2019 on BLF are: 

  1. Lumintop FW3A
  2. Emisar D4v2
  3. BLF LT1
  4. Emisar D4sV2
  5. Sofirn C01(s)
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Really hard to choose.. but there are a few that stood out to me:

  • Reylight Krystal 
  • Lumintop FW3A (even after encountering few troubles at first, it's in my coat pocket most of the time)
  • Acebeam X45 II (great flooder, small, plenty bright)
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AT Wizard Pro. E21A Quadtrix – By Clemence Virence

Malkoff !

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Despite the problem with the switch/tailcap, I think FW3x deserves this position.

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The only 18650 light ever to make it as my pocket-EDC for more than a day (over two months now)

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BLF LT1 of course, by DBSAR.

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Cost 35 cents shipped Wink

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Bought some great lights this year. Some really quirky (Lumintop Geek), some super value (Lumintop AAA Tool Cu for $11), and one super cool. The FW3A. Anduril UI. Easy to customize with minimal effort & cost.

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Big fan of AA/14500 lights, so Skilhunt M150.

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Since i got mine a haven't bought an other torch beside a second FW3A as backup, the combination of small size for 18650 and very good UI (easy ramping + direct access to either low or high from Off) makes it perfect for me.

That beeing said i consider it to be a "specialist" item that requires some attention which prevents me from gifting it to friends and relatives.



Small, rugged, everlasting. The 5600K replaced my fauxton keychain light and was a perfect gift while the 3200K with its nice tint and high CRI is my ideal bed reading and night pee light.


LT1 ?

Not sure if it will be be a 2019 light for me though… maybe 2020 Wink


Yes they are all BLF lights ! You are doing a wondefull work folks Smile

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Although i don’t owe one (yet) my personal favourite is the Noctigon K1.
or the D4v2

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18650 EDC: FW3A

AA EDC: found nothing great for me this year, still rocking my old stainless Trunite T10. Tool AA with 219c might be the most interesting, hope it comes out in a nice metal and a better clip. And I hope the SP10S with Anduril will come next year!

AAA/Keys: Sofirn C01/C01s

Big: Sofirn BLF SP36 with LH351D and Anduril

Headlamp: Found nothing exciting in 2019, still use my Wizard Pro WW

Lantern: Still use my Zanflare T1.. waiting for my BLF LT1

Gift-Light for Muggles: Sofirn SC31b. with cell, charging and sst20 4000k for under 20 bucks? yes please.

Most beautiful Beam: Fireflies E07 with 219b

Budget value: Got an Astrolux EC01 for 20 euros. At that price, hard to beat 21700 onboard charging and Anduril, 3500 Lumen, even if it has a TON of tint shift going on.

All around favourite: Emisar D4S with Anduril and XPL Hi 4000k. LOVE IT!

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Convoy – all the lights. Simon did tremendous work and made many great light this year. Thank you Simon, I had a great year with all these Convoys. Chapeau Bas!

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Sideswitch: D4V2 Ti. Especially with the raised ring I have yet to get accidental activations compared to the FW3x. The option for the magnet in the tailcap is also neat. It has a hefty feel to it but I love this light particularly with the 219b I had someone mod into it.

Tail switch: FW3T. My first Andruil light and certainly one of my favorites. I wish it had a sturdier pocket clip and better tailcap button out of the box though.

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Zebralight SC700D

I’ve been using this one more than anything. Perfect beam type for outdoors close-medium range and incredible temperature regulation. Greenish tint is real but only if you hunt for white walls.

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At the moment, its the WildTrail BLFD80v2 XHP50.2 packs a serious punch for such a tiny torch!

second up is probably my XHP50.2 C8, all though i love the 1mm white one as well also really like the Jax Z1

This may get revised when i drop a CSLPM1.TG in a C8+

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flat white s2+ 18350.

"It wouldn’t be so bright if there wasn’t a shadow every once in a while." - Jason Mraz

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Olight T-20 – I found a pair of these unpacking boxes at the new house and they rekindled my fascination with lights. I had forgotten I had even owned them. Hey, they were a big deal back in the Aughts!

Convoy S2+ SST-40 5000K – First light I bought this year after getting back into flashlights. Promptly LEGO’d with the 18350 tube, clip headband, alternate optic. Much has changed since 2009 when a 1W LED was a big deal.

FW3A – Fun UI, triple emitters, nice balance of light and runtime.

Jeers -
Lumintop Pico – I wanted to love you, you cute little thing. Perhaps I still do. But you can’t hold your electrons, and stopped putting out. Neither Lumintop nor Amazon cared, so you sit in a drawer until I dissect you. Seriously, a cool light, great for the wow factor, and useful levels of light. But it had a self-discharge problem, and stopped working completely on day 31.

More Photons!

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My favorite light that I got this year in stock form is my DQG Slim AA.

After mods, my CULNM1 Z1 and FW3A are close. The Z1 is older than 2019 but the CULNM1 isn’t Wink

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While I do really like my Titanium and Copper Fireflies E07 and my all brass E07, and I expect to be enamored with the Noctigon K1 when it arrives (en-route now), my favorite is going to have to be the one I have the most invested in… DBC-08. The 8th light I’ve built from the ground up, with a White Flat that makes 760 lumens at 5A for ~600M throw off a Sanyo UR16650FTZ 2500mAh cell.

The Mokume Gane pill section and MokuTi bezel and tail cap were birthday presents to me in 2018 in the form of two 30mm x 39mm bars that I just now got around to utilizing, Thank You Sinner! Big Smile The carbon fiber tubes on the battery tube are courtesy of CRX, another Thank you there! Smile With the LD-4A driver from LED4Power this light is truly exceptional in every way. I’m going to be cherishing this one for quite some time for sure!

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Oddly enough, my most pleasing light(s) this year are a pair of humble Skilhunt M200s that I picked up on a sale a while back – basically, they’re an H03 made in a straight line with a more throwy beam.

They are pure function; not especially pretty, especially powerful or especially anything, but they feel rugged in my hand, the UI suits me, and they appear so far to be utterly reliable despite numerous bumps and drops.

I find myself reaching for them first and leaving the much more ‘gracious’ lights on the shelf.

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Fw3a sst20

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Lumintop AAA

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Emisar D4v2 SST-20 3000K

ZebraLight SC600Fd IV Plus

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FW3A and LT1

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1st:  Jaxman E3 w/ Nichia 5700 90CRI.  'Cause I'm weak when it comes to fine & rugged 1xAA lights.

Runner-up:  FW3A WW.  It's said that one always remembers their "first"; this is my first Anduril, first BLF collaboration, first pocket rocket, first time I've waited years for a flashlight.



1st:  Acebeam H40 SST 20. See above my weakness for 1xAA.  Also has the overhead strap.  One around-the-head strap is a deal killer for me regardless how good the light is.

Runner-up:  YLP Panda 2M CR.  'Cause very good floody, high CRI.  If it had somehow, miraculously  been 1xAA it would have taken 1st.



Smile! It makes others wonder what you've been up to.

Time is more valuable than money.
You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.
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WK30. LH351D in white, plus red and UV to play with, kewl modes for each (including the red+white “police strobe”), what’s not to love?

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

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Category: Maximum combined power and throw: .

Imalent R90TS. I waited 2.5 years for something to top the X65, and Imalent did so, with 36000 lumens and 1750 meters throw.

Rev 22:15

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My favorite lights of the year:

FW3A for EDC category.

BLF-D80v2 for compact thrower category.

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Acebeam K30 GT from Andrew-Amanda.