[Review] - Imalent DM21C - 2000 lumen, OLED display, USB, Dual Switch - by Lock

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[Review] - Imalent DM21C - 2000 lumen, OLED display, USB, Dual Switch - by Lock

Today we will see the Imalent DM21C: powerful linear torch with 2000 lumen with built-in display and integrated magnetic charging system.

Packaging and content
The Imalent DM21C arrives in a rigid cardboard package with magnetic closure on which all the main characteristics of the product are imprinted. The packaging contains:

• DM21C flashlight
• 18650 3000mAh battery
• Laynard
• The proprietary USB cable for charging
• Nylon holster
• User Manual
• 2x spare O-rings

Main features
• Uses an American CREE LED XHP-35 HI, with lifespan 50000h
• Maximum output 2000 lumens
• Maximum luminous intensity: 33630cd
• Maximum distance: 366m
• Max Runtime: 72h
• Multifunction OLED display
• Integrated charging system for quick and safe charging.
• 5 normal brightness levels + 1 special (Strobe), 2 modes
• Infinite Brightness adjustment 200 - 2000 lumens
• Direct access to the Turbo
• Memory Mode function, remembers the last setting used
• Aerospace aluminum body with type III anti-scratch anodizing
• High efficiency circuit for a constant supply of current
• Built-in thermal protection module that regulates the output avoiding overheating
• Super transparent lens with anti-reflective treatment
• Smooth aluminum reflector
• Water resistance according to the IPX-8 standard (2m)
• Impact resistance 1.5m

Measured size and weight
• Length: 122mm
• Head / body diameter: 26mm
• Weight: 75g (without battery) 123g (with battery)

Output levels and UI
The Imalent DM21C has 5 levels of normal brightness (including the Turbo) as follows:

Turbo: 2000-600 lm (measured 1850-540lm) – 1+90min
High: 1400-600 lm (measured 1320-540 lm) – 2+100min
Middle: 600 lm (measured 540 lm) – 2h5min
Middle Low: 200 lm (measured 190 lm) – 4h10min
Low: 20 lm (measured 18 lm) – 72h

The User Interface is very simple and easy to remember. Thanks to the two switches in the tail ("Power" and "Mode") you can access all the functions.
The DM21C also has two modes of use for the variation of the output: the "Multilevel" with the step levels and "Infinity" (200 to 2000 lumens range). 

On / Off and Level Selection 
To turn the flashlight on or off, simply click on the Power button.

Multilevel brightness adjustment 
With the torch on, pressing the Button switch will cycle through the levels as follows: Middle Low - Middle - High.

Infinity brightness adjustment 
When the torch is switched on, a long press on the Switch Mode will trigger the output ramp. All valleys in the range 200-2000lm are possible. When you are on the Turbo level of 2000lumen, the ramping downwards to 200 lumens will be activated.

Direct access to the Turbo / Strobe 
Double-click to access the Turbo. With another two quick clicks you will be taken to the special Strobo level.

Low Mode / Lockout 
With three clicks on the Power switch you will enter the low output level of 20 lumens. Instead, with four consecutive clicks, you can lock or unlock the interface electronically.

Intelligent Thermal Control When using the torch on high levels, such as the Turbo, the temperature rises sharply. Upon reaching 50°C, the torch automatically reduces output to 600lm, avoiding dangerous overheating and preserving the life of the LED and electronic parts.

Memory Mode 
The torch will remember the last output level used except for the Turbo and Strobo levels.

Battery Capacity Checking 
Press and hold the Power switch to see the battery voltage on the OLED display.

The body and materials
The Imalent DM21C is a robust and compact tactical flashlight. Thicknesses are plentiful, weight and size not excessive. The construction quality is good, perfect anodizing.

Touching the torch offers a good feeling of solidity and excellent workmanship. It handles well, the switches are easily detectable even in the dark even if you have some difficulty in their use by wearing gloves: the tail buttons are not protruding and the race very short.

The LED of this model is the CREE XHP35 HI (decouple) which is well centered on the bottom of the reflector. Thanks to it and the smooth and deep reflector a shot of over 360 meters with 33kcd of maximum light intensity is ensured.

The power is exceptional, 2000 lumens to the Turbo although exploitable for a short time.
The lens is quality, thick and with the classic anti-glare treatment, the fairly protruding bezel protects the lens beautifully.

The lettering is well done and only present in the tail with company name, product model and symbol showing the correct cell insertion direction.

The tail is not flat but it is possible the tailstanding.
The tailcap is the heartbeat of the DM21C. Here there are:
• Two switches for interface management
• Magnetic charging port
• OLED display

The switches are rubber, not protruding. When pressed, they emit a "soft" click, almost silent. To activate them, you have to put a fair pressure. Accidental activation is highly unlikely.

The charging port is made up of two magnetic contacts to which the proprietary USB cable provided will be connected. It is enough to bring the cable to the torch that the magnet will do the rest: but be aware that the connection is done correctly, sometimes it happens that the cable automatically positions itself in the most advanced position, not allowing the battery to be recharged.

The OLED display is very small about 8x5 mm but still quite legible. Displays all information about current output level, instantaneous cell voltage, electronic lock-out, overheating warnings and battery charge status.


The belt clip is thin and not very long. Its rigidity offers a good grip on clothing.

The DM21C, thanks to the special polygonal machining of the head, has an anti-roll profile.

The only part of the flashlight that can be unscrewed is the tailcap to access the battery compartment. The cell supplied is a 18650 3000mAh 15A 11.1Wh.

On the positive pole (tailcap side as in the Olight lights) we have a protruding golden button and two raised contacts: these allow the cell to be recharged through the integrated charging system. For this Imalent you can also use cells of different brands that can still be recharged directly inside the torch.

The threads are precise, sliding and well lubricated and thanks to the anodization allow the physical lock-out of the interface slightly unscrewing the tailcap and thus canceling the risk of accidental ignitions and the annoying Parasitic Drain. An O-ring guarantees perfect waterproofing.

The DM21C is guaranteed to be waterproof according to IPX8 standard. Tested abundantly in running water and even at a depth of almost half a meter did not report any kind of infiltration.
Impact resistance is up to 1.5m high.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The tint of the DM21C is Cool around 6000K, with a very bright central spot. Large and bright spill perfectly usable to illuminate the walking surface well when holding the flashlight parallel to the ground.
The geometry of the beam has no artifacts, the shot is great.

To follow some Nightshot on the medium / long distance ...

Beamshot #1 

Beamshot #2 

Beamshot #3 

Beamshot #4 

Beamshot #5 

Beamshot #6 

Final thoughts
The strong points of this Imalent DM21C are manifold:
• Robustness, abundant thicknesses, excellent workmanship, quality materials
• Compact
• Magnetic USB charging
• Dual switch
• OLED display
• Simple and intuitive interface
• Possibility to use and recharge cells of different brands

I would have liked to see this model also with neutral tint and maybe with a standard USB TypeC port.
Overall I was particularly satisfied. I love the small OLED display. The package is complete.

In the hand it is comfortable, it holds well. The beam is clean and the tint pleasant even if cool.
The price is also quite competitive compared to the models in the same category.
Interesting product from many points of view, definitely recommended

Thanks for reading !!!

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Great review! Thanks for the details on this light Thumbs Up