Convoy S2+ L2 $9.99 (all LED options)

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Convoy S2+ L2 $9.99 (all LED options)

Convoy S2+

Extremely cheap for a known good flashlight, all LED options are available.

Just takes a while to ship.

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XML-2 only sadly. I prefer SST-20 for a few bucks more honestly. Or even better the FET driver with SST-20 and OP reflector. I always buy from Convoy directly as Simon is really nice and will accept custom orders (emitter swap, spring bypass, reflector/tir etc…)

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The SST-20 version is a great light. I have mine set up with the 18350 tube.

Still, if you’re into modding, the host S2+ runs $12, so buy this and get a free LED!

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