Hunting&Rearching Flashlight in IWA2020

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Hunting&Rearching Flashlight in IWA2020

This solid and quality ultra long range LED flashlight T28 is specially designed for law enforcement, hunting or search and rescue expedition. Being utilized CREE XHP35 HI LED and powered by a single 21700 5100mAh battery, T28 emits 2500 lumens brightness and produces a beam that reaches 1300 meters, leave no dark anywhere. The straight forward dual switch design is for effortless operation and access to the 5 brightness levels and the defensive Strobe. T28 still can performance without any defects even being used underwater 2 meters or fallen from a height of 1 meter.

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Basically appears to be the exact same light as the T27. Same output[2500L] but throws 1300m instead of 1180m claimed by T27.

Am I missing something?

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Has anyone actually compared the T27 and the T28. Are there any beam differences?