tractor supply jobsmart 350lm zoomie 2 pack.

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tractor supply jobsmart 350lm zoomie 2 pack.

found 2 2 packs apparently mismarked $1.99.
others were $6.99.
seem decent right out of the package.
quite bluish.
ok its a flashlight and it works.
time to tear it apart!
has a long snout 3aaa holder.
should take an 18650?
nope not quite long enough.
optic retainer unthreads easy and gives access to unscrew the “pill”
solid shelf for the star and underneath is a simple high and low(pwm) driver.
led is a 4040 of unknown manufacture with wirebonds reaching across outside edges to the die.
a 3535 fits the star just fine.
i did 1 in 219c 4000k and 1 in dogfart.
added paste to threads but there was enough under the is held by a centering ring around the led and a press fit retainer.
added a solder bump to the driver contact and reassembled the head.
i heated the tailcap enough to let me press out the switch.
ground down the part where the spring loaded contact was which freed up enough length to use 18650.
folded the switch contact close to the switch and slipped the spring big end down minus the brass cap under it and soldered it.
on a charged laptop pull i get about 1.9a on high and 400ma low.
star must be at least decent as no distress was shown by the led and the head warmed up fast.
these are a compact zoomie compared to the common tulip head type.

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