SOLD! [WTS] Emisar D4 219C with broken switch £15 / $20

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SOLD! [WTS] Emisar D4 219C with broken switch £15 / $20

Edit: sold.

Includes postage to the UK. Worldwide postage at cost, likely about $7.

• Proof • It still turns on • Ripped the rubber boot. Oops

One day the switch stopped working. I tried to stick/glue it back but it was still intermittent. Ripped the rubber boot in the process so replaced that with a clear bit of plastic. Someone more skilled should be able to fix it with a new switch (and probably boot).

This is a v1 Emisar D4 with the lovely 5000K Nichia 219C emitters. Over 3000lm. Modded to run Anduril and added glow tape (easily removable if you don’t like it). I’ve had it for a couple of years now so it has quite a few bumps and scratches but apart from the switch it’s working fine.

May be willing to trade.

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