Using Sub-C NiMh cells in a Maglite?

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Using Sub-C NiMh cells in a Maglite?

Anyone know if I could fit (4) Sub-C's (23mm x 43mm) into a 3C Maglite?  43mm x 4 cells = 172mm.  3 standard C's (50mm long) = 150mm.  Can I gain 22mm more with a tailcap mod?

I know you can fit 3C's in a 2D cell Maglite with a tailcap mod.  2 D's should be 123mm long, and 3 C's should be 150mm long, so apparently you can gain 27mm with a D cell tailcap mod.  I don't know how much gain you get in a C cell tailcap.

I can get 5000mAh Sub-C's. My thinking is to run (4) 5000mAh Sub C's instead of (3) 5000mAh C's for more capacity.  The driver is rated up to 6 volts. 


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