Osram 15W KW CSLPM1.TG 6P VS XPL Hi V3 1A Cool White?

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Osram 15W KW CSLPM1.TG 6P VS XPL Hi V3 1A Cool White?

Hey guys. What are the primary differences of these 2 LEDS? and why? Id it worth it to pay a little extra? Thanks.

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CSLPM1.TG has much narrower beam due to having a little over half die area.
CSLPM1.TG is not a good idea with unregulated drivers and high current cells.
CSLPM1.TG has smaller footprint making centering harder. And soldering on 3535 boards requires attention as well.
CSLPM1.TG throws WAY better, almost doubling cd, it’s entirely different league.

Is it worth paying extra? YES!

BTW, http://intl-outdoor.com/ offers XP-L HI V4. Everything above applies to it as well.

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I just recently seen a post on Reddit it of a D4SV2 with Osram and it was amazing. So I now have a Fireflies eo7 on the way with those exact emitters. I can’t wait. I wish you could order Astrolux MF01 mini with that emitter. Apparently the 7 of them on the fireflies EO7 puts out 7,300 lumens.

Just got into this hobby/obsession and now this...Sofirn SP36 BLF (Where it all started) - Emisar D4SV2 (XPL HI HD) - Lumintop FW3A - Sofirn SP33 V3 - Astrolux FT02S - Astrolux FT03S (A banger that's for sure, I wasn't a fan but it has grown on me)- Astrolux FT03 Mini (W1 Green) - Fireflies E07(s) x2 (OSRAM 15W & SW45K - Lumintop GT Mini & GT Nano - Acebeam L18 (very small for its range) -  Noctigon K1 (W1 Green) - Noctigon KR1 (W1 Green) & W2 white - Noctigon K4 Nichia 3500k (new favorite tint for indoors) - Fireflies ROT66 Gen2 (XPL HI) - Jetbeam RRT MX1 Raptor LEP (It’s a friggin laser.) And I want more. On top of that I got into lasers recently. So now I'm growing a collection of 1w-5watt lasers.