Newbie looking at moding an emisar d1 looking for advice please

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Newbie looking at moding an emisar d1 looking for advice please
I have never modified a flashlight but hanging around here has given me the desire to give it a try. I have an emisar d1 with an XP-L HI V2 5D led.

I am interested in Attempting to replace the LED with one of two options: either an SST-40 or an Osram flat white.

I don’t really know what I’m doing. Can I just buy one of these and solder it in place:

Is the driver for the XP-L the same as what I would need for the SST-40? Is the software the same? Mine is the IOS version. From what I’ve read, the SST led draws significantly more current than the XP-L. Do I need to change something with the driver to allow this? If I need a new driver, could you recommend one? If I replace the Driver, do I need to program it? How would I do this?

The second option I have thought about is trying to put a white flat in instead.

I have the same questions about this. Would I need to change the software or the driver or I can I use the existing ones?

Anyone with more knowledge than I have an idea of what the white flat would do? It seems because it is smaller it would give me a more focused throw. Will it work with the reflector that the d1 already has? Does this seem like a good swap?

Thanks for your time and expertise.

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