Clip fitment

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Clip fitment

Can anyone tell me if” this”: fits any other lights or can tell me the size of the hole?


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That could come in handy, but be careful if trying to use it with a different light that you can use such a clip.

If you can’t screw down the cap all the way and still make electrical contact, it’d be like locking out the light.

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No details about the inside diameter of that clip. Not sure what it would fit. I have Oveready clips on a bunch of lights. Some needed a little work with a dremel tool. If the tail cap doesn’t make contact you can make a ring out of copper wire or something similar that will go inside the tail cap and complete the circuit. I use those brass retaining rings for S2+‘s. I cut it in one spot, spread it a bit till it fits in the tail cap nicely. Works very well.

This one fits the D4, EDC18, FW3A and I’m sure a few more that I don’t have.

These Solarforce clips work well too. The steel is a little soft and will bend easily. Other than that it fits just fine on a quite a few lights as well.

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