COB LED 4*18650 - Dive Video Light

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COB LED 4*18650 - Dive Video Light

As discussed in this thread

There are several variants of these 4 × 18650, super wide angle video lights with accessory red and blue led’s.

This ScubaBoard thread reviews these

However a new type has started popping up on Aliexpress / Banggood and I am intrugued by it

They have 1 large COB led, claiming 11,000 lumens

URANUSFIRE’ ( Facepalm )
‘Tactical Underwater 100m LED Diving Flashlight Waterproof COB LED 10800Lumens Photography Video Fill Light Torch 4*18650 Battery’

LED Diving Flashlight Underwater 80M 11000Lumens COB Photography Camera Tactical Flashlight Blue+RED+White LED Lanterna Torch’

Does anyone have any experience with these, or COB type LED’s ?

Bought a light for scuba diving once. Do LED's contain nicotine?

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In true “digging up an ancient post” spirit, did you ever end up trying the newer COB variant?

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COB type leds are better to give more aperture when you video record. Its better a cob led with lens video light than without lens or cupule

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Nice vid lights but extremely bad button design and floods easily despite a ‘plastic washer cut from take out box’ upgrade. Basically a plastic disc added in between button plunger and silicone seal. Replacing orings and buttons do help. Orig buttons is alu and orings is cheap silicone so put in stainless instead and some better fitting nitrile orings.

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