Shenzhen Lights & Switch CO.

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Shenzhen Lights & Switch CO.

In these times when the coronavirus epidemic forced many Chinese companies to shut down or slowed their production, I had to cancel several of my orders. Fortunately I have verified through recent purchases that the *_Shenzhen Lights & Switch CO_* vendor (via Aliexpress) is fully active and very fast in shipping. For example, I purchased an Imalent R90C that was free shipped in two days and I received it after only one week. Just for your information. cool

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Good to know, thank you. Thumbs Up

Recently I have contacted them about this flashlight and asked if it is full copper. They answered the next day and confirmed it to be full copper with 95g weight (AAA flashlight!!!). Big Smile

When the next sale happens I might order this flashlight from them. I chose the UV-LED version because I will swap the led anyway and it is quite a bit cheaper than the one with the white led.

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I received a BLF GT94 from them a bit ago. It was declared as cell phone housing on the fedex label, it had me paranoid, plus the shipping had gotten stuck, even though the seller had shipped it fast.

4PX really sucks…don’t use aliexpress premium shipping…

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