[Review + Video] Brinyte WT01 Apollo (SST40, 26650, wireless charging flashlight)

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[Review + Video] Brinyte WT01 Apollo (SST40, 26650, wireless charging flashlight)

This is my review of the Brinyte WT01 Apollo. It can be watched as a video review or read as a written review.

The flashlight has been provided for review by Brinyte with a little contribution to the shipping fee from me. Thank you, Brinyte!

Here is the link to the flashlight on the manufacturer’s website: Brinyte WT01 Apollo black

It is available also in desert tan: Brinyte WT01 Apollo desert tan

The Brinyte WT01 Apollo is available for purchase here: https://brinytestore.com/products/brinyte-wt01-apollo


The Brinyte WT01 Apollo is a 26650 flashlight with a cold white SST40 and wireless charging as a special feature. The wireless charging is quite unique as most flashlights use a USB port for internal battery charging. The Brinyte WT01 includes a docking station where you can put the flashlight and it will be recharged in a few hours. This may be a convenient feature for muggles as you just plug in the docking station and set your flashlight there for charging. Shouldn’t be more complicated than your electric toothbrush or a cordless phone.

Here is the video review of the Brinyte WT01 Apollo. If you prefer the written review, please continue reading below.

What is included

- Brinyte WT01 Apollo
- Flashlight bag
- Manual
- Protected 26650 battery
- 18650 adapter sleeve
- Micro USB cable
- Docking station for charging
- Charging adapter plug
- Car charging adapter

This is what seems to be a little gift from Brinyte. I don’t know if this is always included but I don’t think so.


The manual


Tailcap current (ampere draw)

Turbo: 2.90A
High: 1.04A
Middle: 0.20A
Low: 0.03A

The flashlight box and flashlight bag

The flashlight box and the secure packaging has impressed me and deserves a special mention.

When delivered unboxing the flashlight takes quite a bit of time. It is in a big box with padding and has a cardboard wrapped around. Removing the cardboard sleeve you get the flashlight box with pictures and some information on it. The blue sleeve can be removed as well and there is the black flashlight box inside with a silver ‘Brinyte’ engraving on it. When opening the magnetic flap of this black high-end box you finally see the flashlight and the accessories under the side flaps.
I hope I could explain the sophisticated packaging with many layers. If not there is an unboxing part in the video which shows all the layers of the packaging.

Brinyte includes also a bag with the flashlight. It has a belt mount with 12 different positions to set. You can insert the flashlight in what direction you want. The flashlight can be used also inside the bag because there is a hole on each end of the bag where the flashlight can shine through. So you can mount the WT01 on your belt and have a hands-free directional light beam.


Square cut threads at the head, not anodized but slightly lubed

AR-coated glass lens

Battery and charger

I may add some more tests of the battery and the charger later but so far everything seems to work well.


Here is the Brinyte WT01 Apollo compared to some famous flashlights: Brinyte WT01 Apollo, Convoy S2+; Fireflies E07, Lumintop BLF FW3A, Convoy C8+

These are some other flashlights with the 26650 form factor: Brinyte WT01 Apollo, Emisar D4S, Nightwatch NI40 Stalker, Mateminco MT07 (Astrolux MF01 mini), Jaxman Z1 clone CPF Italia Cometa







Convoy C8+ with SST40 5000K

Convoy S2+ with SST40 5000K

Sofirn C8F with 3 XPL HD 5000K

Astrolux FT03 with SST40 5000K


Teardown and internals

You shouldn’t disassemble your flashlight like I do here as it voids the warranty and it may damage your flashlight. I’m showing the teardown and internal parts here so that you don’t have to unscrew the flashlight yourself risking to ruin it. Of course this does not apply to all experts and modders around here.

Normally this threads should be glued so that the tailcap can’t be unscrewed. On my flashlight I have been able to unscrew it with bare hands. I may have been lucky that they used a bit less glue.

This is the copper coil where the current is induced from the wireless docking station. The copper wire is very thin and fragile so I have been careful and didn’t touch it.


The Brinyte WT01 Apollo has been designed and made well. It comes with many accessories and a nice box. The wireless charging is not found very often in flashlights which makes it a special feature for this flashlight. The advantages are that it does not affect waterproofing, it is not visible from outside, there is no plug that can get damaged and it is simple to use, just plug-and-play. This flashlight may not be suited for BLF’s flashaholics but it has been designed for simple practical use. Flashlight beginners can use it intuitively and it has many tactical features and accessories.

What I like

- Massive flashlight with grippy design, feels machined well
- AR-coated glass lens and square cut threads
- Side switch with firm click, simple user interface
- Wireless charging is easy and convenient to use, very unique for flashlights
- Battery, flashlight bag, charger and charging adapters all included
- Flashlight can be used inside its bag and be directed hands-free
- Save to use for flashlight beginners with protected battery, wireless charging and no danger of overheating.

~What could be improved

- I would suggest to offer also a neutral white version with the 5000K SST40, maybe Brinyte will add that later.
- The modes should be starting from low.
- The Turbo could be a little brighter, maybe with 4 – 5 A current and 1500-1800 lumens as the SST40 can easily handle that and the WT01 has temperature protection.

Thank you all for reading my review and/or watching the video review. Smile For any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment below.

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Thanks for your review!

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Brinyte2018 wrote:
Thanks for your review!

You’re welcome. Smile Thumbs Up