[Review] Mateminco S03

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[Review] Mateminco S03
Mateminco S03

3 in 1 review. At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars, in each topic I will color the key sentences for those who read a little more, and a long waffling for everyone else. Enjoy!


For VERY large photos: click -> on the photo page right click -> "Open image in new tab"

I got this flashlight from Mateminco for review. Product page on official Aliexpress shop:


Table of Contents:

- General parameters
- Package content
- Appearance, parameters
- UI, runtime and charging
- Waterproof
- Light pattern, tint
- Beamshots
- Usage and my experiences
- Nitpicking
- Gallery
- Summary

General parameters
copied from Aliexpress page

Product Name Mateminco S03
LED 4 * CREE XPG3/Nichia 219C
Material Aluminum Alloy / Aluminum Alloy + Copper
Mode NarsilM V1.3 Driver, almost including all the modes you want
Switch Type Clicky Switch
Switch Location Body Side Of The Flashlight
Battery 1 * 18650 battery / 18350 battery (Not included)
Max Output 2100 Lumens (XPG3)
Max Beam Intensity 8500cd
Optic TIR - Total Internal Reflection Optic
Color Black, Red, Green, Black Copper
Impact Resistance 1.5 Meters
Waterproof IPX6
Weight 60g (aluminum)
Size 88.7mm * 27mm (Length * Diameter)
Package content

Just a cardboard box. JUST box, without any specification and led type. Just Mateminco. Well, I don't know which one I've got...


- SS clips

- This tactical...thing for emergency situations, like glass breaking. So it could be good car flashlight. It is very pointy.

Appearance, parameters




From head to tailcap:

- Tactical bezel

- Glass
 (without AR coatings? I can't see any...)

TIR optics, clear, I was unable to take it off. I was really trying though...

4 LEDs...but I'm not sure which one I have. I ordered Nichia 219C, but it seems to be as bright as XPG3. But it looks neutral, so could be 219C. Uch, who cares...

Head. You can buy black, red or green, or a copper one (get the copper one)

E-switch. Illuminated, but only when a flashlight is turned off. Not very good, because it was hard to find the switch in the dark.

Micro USB charging port. This rubber cover fits very well, sits tight.

- Driver side

18650 and 18350 battery tube. Nice to have different style on each one.

- Tailcap with double spring, and a lanyard hole.

And this hole for tactical...this...you know.

And a manual.

Size comparison
Well...it is a bit long. But has charging port, so we understand. Or you can get 18350 battery tube.

BUT with 18350 battery tube the flashlight is as long as 18650 FW3A. Still nice emergency car flashlight.


UI, runtime, charging

NarsilM V1.3. Similar to Anduril, but slightly different. If you know Anduril, you'll have to learn Narsil too.

Tested with 18650 battery, on Turbo mode with start brightness ~ 2600lmBrightness drops rather slow... But the flashlight was SO hot, it hurt to touch. Smelled like burned plastic. Well...how to say it... It should have had a better temperature management.
Doesn't look good... I didn't try to boil water with it, only because it doesn't have IPX8 standard.

Micro-USB, integrated charger. Cover sits tight, no worry of accidental opening. Charging current 0,7A, charging indicates by orange switch illumination.
Charging ended at 4,11V, indicated by green switch illumination.
From 3,19V to 4,11V charging took 4.5h.




IPX6, so I didn't submerge it. I think it would leak like crazy. Mateminco MT35Mini leaked like crazy, with IPX7 standard, so... Water is leaking through a switch, I think.

Light pattern, tint

With a 18650 battery (Samsung 30Q) I got max 2627lm and average ~ 2500lm at start. With 18350 battery (Shockli 10A/15A) I got 2150lm at start. Mateminco declared 2100lm (from XPG3...but idk if I have this version) so we have a bit more, and with a 18650 battery we have so much more


ISO200, t2s, f/3,5 WB: sunlight

Nice tint, neutral.

Usage and my experiences

Well ... I like this flashlight. This temperature control does not work as it should, but if I only wanted to learn how to change it, it would be great. And I appreciate the built-in charger (although I know most of you don't like it). I would add it is not a reason for less waterproofness (IPX6), but rather it is a switch through which (most likely) Mateminco MT35Mini leaked. These switches.. Emisar also has a problem with them, they leak ... Another advantage is the color of the light ... but I do not know if it is Nichia or XPG3 ... But maybe if you order, you will get what you ordered ... I don't.


So everything about all shortcomings.

1. I couldn't take off the TIR optics
2. This bad made o-ring that gets displaced when screwing a bezel. You have to do it very slowly and carefully.
If I screwed quickly, I would break the o-ring.


Mateminco S03 is a 4 LEDs flashlight: Nichia 219C (1600lm) or XPG3 (2100lm). I don't know which one I got, but I guess not what I ordered. But if you order, you may even get what you ordered. There is integrated micro USB charging, and NarsilM V1.3 UI, you can attach this tactical...pointy thing to tailcap, and there are two battery tubes: 18650 and 18350.

Do I recommend it? Well, it is quite expensive and has some shortcomings. Could be better (could have IPX7 or 8, they should fix this displacing o-ring), so it is up to you. Bright, with integrated charger, but for sure not for every situation and everyone.

+ Nice neutral tint (but idk if it's Nichia 219C or XPG3...but it's nice anyway Big Smile )
+ 18650 and 18350 battery tube
+ Nice design, something different

- Low waterproof IPX6
- O-ring near glass is very bad
- Thermal protection kicks in way too late

About host - threads, knurling o-rings and so on
Rating: 6/10

About light - Tint and so on
Rating: 6/10 (because of this bad thermal protection)

1 - very bad flashlight hurts to look at, terrible quality, not worth any (even very low) price
5 - average flashlight, at a reasonable price - for the average person "great". Or better flashlight, but overpriced
10 - flashlight meets all my expectations in a given category (e.g EDC, headlamp, thrower), it's durable and neatly made, perfect light tint, worth its (even slightly inflated) price - just pure perfect, so I doubt any light can get a 10 from me

I hope you enjoyed!

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