GIVEAWAY vapcell batteries 2020 (Winners Announcement !!!!!!!)

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vapcell Dennis
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GIVEAWAY vapcell batteries 2020 (Winners Announcement !!!!!!!)

Vapcell company has developed some flashlight batteries and chargers in recent years, which have been affirmed

by some members. Thank you very much for your support and wish you good health and all the best in 2020

Vapcell will continue to work hard to develop better products for you in the market

The batteries of this giveaway are very extensive, including vapcell batteries, five international brands of cylindrical

li-ion batteries and molicel.

All guarantee authentic,Never fake. We have a wide range of storage batteries, but

some out of stock batteries in the market are not in the scope of giveaway, such as 18650vtc6A, 18650 24S, P28A,

etc. If you are not familiar with vapcell products, please refer to our official website

How to enter

Leave a message to tell us what kind of battery you want, the quantity is 2pc

If you have any comments or suggestions for us, you are very welcome

Your support is our driving force

Activity time: one week

After a week, we will randomly choose 9 winners to meet your wishes

The prize is a pair of batteries,we will send it soon

Good luck to you


Winners Announcement !!!!!!

Please tell me your detailed address, telephone number and name in private. We will send the batteries as soon as possible by small parcel

Thank you very much

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Thumbs Up for another giveaway. I really like your H10 14500 cells, so I will join the giveaway with two of those Smile
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Golden beauties: INR21700 4000mah 30A.

They seem like a top dogs. Thanks for a giveaway.

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wow. another gaw. yes. I’m in for the
H10 14500

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I would love a pair of L10 or H10 in 14500. Thanks.

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Thank you for giveaway. I would like to win violet twins Vapcell 18650 3000 mah 20a.

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I would love a pair of Vapcell G53 26650 or New Vapcell 26650 5500mah 20A. Thanks.

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Another Vapcell GAW. I’m in for the H10 14500
Thank you.

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I’m in for Vapcell H10 14500 cells. Thanks Dennis and Vapcell for the generous Giveaway.

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I also would love a pair of H10 14500 batteries

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H10 14500 would be awesome.

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NEW VapCell 18650 3100mah 20A (black)


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Thanks Vapcell for another gaw Wink

If I win I would like to get some H10 14500 cells too Wink
Thanks again!!!

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Vapcell 26650 5500mah 20A. Thank you for the GAW!
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Thank you for giveaway. I would like to win violet twins Vapcell INR18650 3500mAh 10A.

Sorry for my poor english.

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I’d like the Vapcell 18650 3600mah 10A batteries.

Thanks for the giveaway.

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NEW! Vapcell INR21700 4000mah gold color. Thank you for the GAW!

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I would like Vapcell 26650 5500mah 20A

Thank you for giveaway.

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Thank you, i’m in for a pair of INR18350 1100mah 9A M11 .

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I wouldn’t mind trying out the Vapcell INR21700 4200mah 30A (Molicel P42A).


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In for the 21700 4000mAh

Thanks for the GAW !

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Vapcell 26650 any capacity.  Thank You!

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I’ll take a couple of the Vapcell 16340 800mAh 7A.

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Interested in Vapcell G53 26650 5300mah 20A

Thanks for the GAW

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I would like a pair of Vapcell 26650 5300mah 20A. Thanks.

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Wow, nice!

I’m in for a set of 14500s, H10s (or L10s). Smile

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Wow awesome. I’ve always wanted some INR 26650 5900 mah cells. Thanks!

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Thank you for your iniciative. Never have so branded battery as yours, so would be like to get gold Vapcell 18650 3600mah 10A to compare with my batteries. May be i should buy more )))

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Oh yeah those Vapcell 26650 5500mAh 20A look great.
I would love a pair!
Thank You

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Thanks to Vapcell for hosting this giveaway!

If chosen, I would really appreciate receiving either a pair of Vapcell’s new 26650 5500mAh/20A cells, or 21700 4000mAh/30A cells.

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H10 14500 cells to go with my other vapcell’s.

Thank you for giveaway