[Review] Lumintop FW1A Pro

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[Review] Lumintop FW1A Pro
Lumintop FW1A Pro

At the end there will be a Summary for those who like only particulars, in each topic I will bold the key sentences, or maybe color them too for better reading experiences Wink Enjoy!


For VERY large photos: click -> on the photo page right click -> "Open image in new tab"

I got this flashlight from Lumintop for review, thank you Lumintop Smile

Table of Contents:

- General parameters
- Package content
- Appearance, parameters
- UI, runtime
- Waterproof
- Light pattern, tint
- Beamshots
- Usage and my experiences
- Nitpicking
- Gallery
- Summary

General parameters

Emitter: LED XHP50.2 DTP MCPCB, cold white tint
Reflector: aluminium OP reflector
Lens: glass with AR coatings
Brightness: 3500LM
Peak beam intensity: 34130cd ANSI throw 220m
Firmware: Anduril
Battery: 1*18650 battery, unprotected, high drain, max length 66mm
Driver: FET + 7 + 1.
Host: hard anodised aluminium
Switch: e-switch
Weight: 57.2g without battery
Size: 25.5*101.1mm
Package content

Standard cardboard box. Nice, simple and eco friendly.

Package content:
- 2 spare o-rings
- Manual
- "Insert battery from the head" information


Appearance, parameters

Looks exactly like FW1A, but we have an XHP50.2 led hereAll host parts are compatible with standard FW1A and FW3A (excluding bezel)



I'm not going into details, because everything is the same as in FW1A. But I noticed there is missing an o-ring.
Lumintop told me it is early sample version, so it could be send to me without the o-ring, but all current versions have this o-ring. If not, Lumintop will send it for free if you buy something from them.

Except this, everything is ok.



On a seriously thick copper MCPCB

At the tailcap thread there are even 2 o-rings, for better waterproof.


UI, runtime


3550lm at 1s. Temperature sensor calibrated and the max temp. is set to 60degC.

I also did a 500lm test with a Sanyo NCR18650GA battery with a capacity of 3440mAh. Test done in my room and the brightness dropped from 503lm to a level of about 425lm, but then it rose. Room temperature is ~ 22degC, so outside at ~ 10degC it will dissipate heat much better.
About 3h at ~ 500lm brightness


At the lowest brightness, but fast PWM


Test 40 min at 25 cm deep

The flashlight was working, but water leaked through a glass lens - there was no o-ring. Lumintop told me it has to be a sample version that sometimes don't have o-ring. But you should get fully functioning, IPX8 version. My previously reviewed FW1A with all o-rings are fully waterproof.

Light pattern, tint

3550lm @ 1s
You can notice tint shifts, as every XHP50.2 has.
And a cold tint. Is it bad? For most people, probably yes, but for small emergency light it could be cold white. I'd prefer it to has nice neutral tint and 90<CRI. You know, if it's the PRO version, it could be this way...


ISO200, t2s, f/3,5 WB: sunlight


Obvious WOW effect. Small flashlight, lots of lumens. Let's compare it to other FW3A style lights

You may not see it, but there is SO much more light! Great small and bright flashlight. If only they could make it in neutral tint...

Usage and my experiences

Well... IF FW3A is not as bright as you want (how is that even possible?), then the Pro version is for you. I took it once for a walk in the woods and I must say it just ruled. Momentary turbo 3500lm is a nice feature because it shines bright and far. I had a Wizard Pro on my head all the time with a brightness of about 300lm, and Lumintop was just for throw and momentary turbo. Great combination - dim floody headlamp and a small but bright and throwy handlight.
And the effect of a thunderstorm will definitely looks impressively with such brightness and light tint Big Smile
If they put there 5000K color temperature, it would be perfect.


Everything about all shortcomings

1. There is no o-ring at the front lens! Lumintop told me it is a sample version that sometimes were missing this o-ring, and you folks will have it for sure.
2. Tint shift. But it is characteristic for XHP50.2, so no Lumintop fault.




FW1A Pro with a cold white XHP50.2 is a combination of brightness from FW3A with FW1A range, plus even more brightness, because 3500lm. Flashlight for those who can not decide whether to choose FW3A (because bright) or FW1A (because range). So here it is - FW1A Pro.
Do i recommend it Yes. Nothing more to say, a great flashlight.

+ Brightness 3500lm and a good range
+ Very thick copper MCPCB

- Missing o-ring
- Could be warmer tint

About host - threads, knurling o-rings and so on
Rating: 9/10

About light - Tint and so on
Rating: 8/10

1 - very bad flashlight hurts to look at, terrible quality, not worth any (even very low) price
5 - average flashlight, at a reasonable price - for the average person "great". Or better flashlight, but overpriced
10 - flashlight meets all my expectations in a given category (e.g EDC, headlamp, thrower), it's durable and neatly made, perfect light tint, worth its (even slightly inflated) price - just pure perfect, so I doubt any light can get a 10 from me

I hope you enjoyed!

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I just bought one because of your review.

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very much so one of my favourite lights ive got

it is super white! but for what i use it for ,super white is good

great review , great markings

i to have no oring, but inside the bezel is a rubber section like a oring, but stuff to the bezel, i think this is why they dont add a oring

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so is it longer than FW3A or not?


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wle wrote:
so is it longer than FW3A or not?


It is! Its probably the same size as the FW1A!
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texas shooter wrote:
I just bought one because of your review.

I hope you won’t be disappointed Wink

If you don’t have the o-ring, you can contact Lumintop, they told me they will send a spare one for those who don’t have it.

Yes it exactly the same size as FW1A.

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Does anyone know what the max regulated brightness (using all the 7135 chips) is in the FW1A Pro? Is it higher than the FW1A?

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Terrible tint shift…. Facepalm

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Thanks for tilhos great review. I am on the fence with this one. I recently got the ec01 xhp50 and love it, and have been thinking more about this now. Thanks again. Wish I could get it on sale since Neal had it on Black Friday sale last week for $35 now its back to LP.. does anyone know where to find a coupon or sale on it?

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